Guardian Columnist Michele Hanson has died
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'kind, clever, exccentric and sweary' Michele Hanson wrote a column for the Guardian for over 30 years. She wrote about bringing up her daughter "Treasure", teaching, living in London, pets, and looking after her mother, a respected chef who lived to be over 100. A lifelong Londoner, her writing is wry, funny, humane and urbane. Her work is characteristic of one of the best Guardian commissioning traditions, the autobiographical column, often from non-professional writers, that shines a vivid light on seemingly mundane things. Obituary linked above, tribute from Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. posted by glasseyes (8 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
I've been reading Michele's column ever since she was writing about her teenage daughter. My teenage daughter was about the same age and it was so comforting to read all the same issues and fears and big teenage strops being described and resolved - mostly - and above all not being taken too seriously! Since then I've always made a point of looking for her column, not always displayed on the front page for some reason.

I'm so happy to read the Guardian acknowledge what a beloved columnist she was and how many readers wrote to her and about her; this isn't something you'd be able to pick up from the comments below her articles which were typically as ungracious and carping as usual blt.

She was only 75. Rest in peace, you gave us something.
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My previous comment was a bit sour about comments. Actually the comments below Michele's obituary are lovely. Here's a couple of Guardian Picks:

On the surface I had very little in common with Michele. I have no children. I’ve never married. I’ve never owned a dog. And yet ... when I first read her column in the Guardian over twenty years ago, I felt I knew her. She spoke with such authenticity, humanity and humour that I looked upon her as friend. A friend that sadly I will now never meet. I’ll miss you Michele.

I introduced my mother to her columns and books. She adored them, and to my embarrassment rang her up at a low point in her life. I have always been grateful for the support she gave, which rallied and comforted her. She will be greatly missed as a speaker for my generation.
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Another non-parent here - and a male one, at that - but I loved her Treasure columns too.
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I'm saddened that I never read her words until today, but thank you for a wealth of reading that you added to my backlog.

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The same age as my parents. I could never believe how Treasure behaved, as compared to how I spoke to my parents. It was a world apart from my experience. And far better.

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