A sound public health approach can reduce this deadly toll
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In response to the student movement against gun violence, the American Public Health Association has opened access to all of the published research, commentaries, and essays on public health and firearms. that have appeared in the American Journal of Public Health. posted by entropone (4 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite
Republican lawmakers jam fingers in ears and say "LALALALA!" louder.
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I've said it before, but the fact that Republicans won't let the CDC collect data on gun deaths and injuries suggests that they know the data will suggest policies they don't want. Or at least believe it will, which is as much of a tell.
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Hmm, you're saying that experts think making research publicly available to all could help generate better policy and improved health outcomes? I wonder if there's a lesson there that could be applied to other topics in public health research by...*checks notecard*... the American Journal of Public Health.
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