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“Sonic has just arrived back after the events of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, but something is already amiss. What are the huge holes being dug in the ground? And why is Eggman already capturing more animals? The story begins here, with the first of five parts in: "Sonic Returns"!” [YouTube] [Part1]
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The only thing not to like about this is it acknowledges Sonic Forces as a thing that exists.
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Note: the cartoon itself doesn't actually acknowledge Sonic Forces, it seems like it takes place immediately after Sonic Mania. But whoever it is that wrote that copy: stop trying to make Sonic Forces a thing.
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Damn this is super cute. I like that it’s all done without speech, and uses sound effects from the story segments of Sonic 3...
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This is absolutely adorable, and Sonic's face after he discovered Eggman's endgame is such a #mood. I'll be looking forward to more of these.
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