Neither crow nor rain nor heat nor...
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Infamous Vancouver crow and Canada Post worker are 'super cool' pals: After a combative introduction, Canuck the crow had a change of heart and started palling around with Tyler McLeod. The mail carrier for Canada Post is glad the brazen bird is firmly on his side after his aggressive antics halted deliveries to three addresses last spring. McLeod's Instagram feed is here. Canuck the Crow previously and previouslier.
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The video is extremely worth it for the mail carrier's imitation of an angry crow.
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This post is like, peak Vancouver.
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Last week, when driving out of the Costco parking lot, i saw a raven hanging upside down from the bottom branches of a Christmas-tree sized conifer (part of the planted landscaping there) that has its lowest branches only a few feet above the ground. In the raven’s mouth, held sideways, was an eight to ten inch stick of a man-made material (narrow and straight).

As the raven swung awkwardly it appeared to be trying to position itself to use the stick to poke something in the bottom layer of branches. If it weren’t for the traffic flow i’d have stuck around to watch.

I like the complexity of thought shown – apparently consciously trying to combine one complex task (using a stick) with another (purposely hanging upside down) to achieve some goal.
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I heart crow.
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as someone trying to win the respect and friendship of crows, I salute this postman
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Peanuts are OK, I guess, but if he really wants to win the crow's friendship he should feed it with gobbets of meat from his plate. Then, it will sit on his shoulder and comb his hair while it tells him stories of ancient kings, and gold, and treasures at the roots of the world, and all the secrets of things that are, or were, or are yet to be.

Well, so I understand.
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Will Forte is really going for it with these weird roles.
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> “I really hope that they name one peanut,” he said.
---> “I really hope that they name one 'Peanut,'” he said.
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I like the Canuck and I Facebook page, and the insights into the life of a crow (a much-maligned animal) are fascinating, I can't help but be somewhat bothered by how the crow came into "I's" life (I'd rather not spell out his name on MetaFilter to afford him some privacy). From what I know, "I" was living in a basement suite. His landlord "saved" a baby crow which had "fallen out of its nest"; the baby crow bonded with "I". Now they're friends, which is quite interesting and fascinating.

However, it's not at all unusual for fledgling crows to fall from the next before they're able to fly. Generally speaking, the parents will continue to feed and protect the fledgling, while encouraging it to seek shelter. So if you see a baby crow that looks like it has fallen from its nest (I did last year), it's best just to leave it alone.
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I saw this last week on the Canuck and I Facebook page and it made me so happy that the mail carrier was willing to take the time to find this workaround (with the help of Canuck's human buddy), rather than refusing to deliver mail or trying to 'remove' him. What a great guy.
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Weird thing for those who haven't been to the west coast: Crows out here sound REALLY weird. Due to the rockies, you need one bird book for everywhere in Canada except BC, and then another one for BC.

Anyway, crows out here sound like crows everywhere else, but with a REALLY bad cold. I wonder if that is why they are so much grumpier then crows everywhere else? ;)
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