My prediction of the aftermath from this epinions imac commercial:
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My prediction of the aftermath from this epinions imac commercial: email discussion lists will be roasting with the PC vs. Mac (religious) flame wars for the next week or so.
posted by mathowie (12 comments total)
Probably not. The advert is at least a month old and the hell has been talked out of it already.
posted by Mo Nickels at 8:36 PM on May 18, 2000

Actually, epinions pulled this ad off TV because it was "too violent" or something.
posted by honkzilla at 8:46 PM on May 18, 2000

Gee that would be the second of their ads that was pulled. I guess any press is good press.
posted by bvanveen at 10:55 PM on May 18, 2000

Wait. Who doesn't already know that the iMac sucks?
posted by Awol at 11:50 PM on May 18, 2000

What other ad was yanked? Is it on adcritic?
posted by LoganAxis at 5:55 AM on May 19, 2000

From (peter is creative director at epinions)

May 03, 2000
I fucking hate the media. So I found out that television stations aren't carrying the Epinions Minivan TV ad (one of our best yet, though my favorite shot, where she throws the keys, is hard to make out in RealVideo) because, well, the reviewer in the ad details what a lemon her Plymouth Grand Voyager is, and the stations are afraid of Chrysler's wrath. I guess Epinions' money isn't good enough. And, of course, they didn't even bother to air the ads and see if Chrysler reacted--they're simply too chickenshit, and the economics of broadcast media engender a remarkable chilling effect. Gah.
posted by bvanveen at 7:22 AM on May 19, 2000

posted by tiaka at 7:55 AM on May 19, 2000

Nice troll awol! But I'm going to bite anyway. I agree with tiaka: iMacs Rule! (posted from a smokin' iMac DV).
posted by sjarvis at 8:52 AM on May 19, 2000

The Imac's name should be changed to "Ican't", as in "I can't save to a floppy" and "I can't believe I spent $1200 on a computer and it won't print to my Laserwriter Select without a converter" and how about "I can't believe it's not butter!"

Sorry, that last was lame.
posted by inviolable at 3:39 PM on May 19, 2000

I hate the iMac. I gave me pin to Jenny Smith last spring and then I caught her in the back seat with tangerine. I found out latter she'd done all five of those miserable computers just to spite me. Next year, I'm taking an amiga to the prom.
posted by alan at 3:55 PM on May 19, 2000

I have a G4 now, and worked on a G3 for the past 10 months at work, but the month and a half I used an iMac was the most miserable computer experience since battling an antique 286 in high school.
It crashed at least 5 times a day. Combined with Earthlink's amazing ability to drop me 10 times a day, it was nigh inpossible to get any work done. It wouldn't reboot after freezing, I had to pull he plug out of the power strip. Granted it was one of the earliest models, not the DV, but still: how can a computer so "user friendly" be such an enemy? And mine was not the only lemon, every iMac in our office acted the same way.
posted by Awol at 2:58 AM on May 20, 2000

Of all Apple's Products, I think the Powerbook is the best all around system. I'd definately like to give a G4 a try, though.
posted by Cavatica at 8:01 AM on May 20, 2000

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