Two Babies and a Bride
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My favourite part of this whole thing is how the pictures kind of magically still look like wedding photos. The bride is in a white-ish dress-ish and the officiant is in a white-ish robe-ish (ignore the fact that they mysteriously match) and the maternity staff are all in matching outfits just like bridesmaids.
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And I thought I left things to the last minute!
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What a wonderful story! This part cracked me up:

There was just one problem. Dwivedi had just gotten an epidural and couldn't move at all from the waist down.

"My legs were jelly by this point," she said.

"It was a little bit of a Jabba the Hut moment where they took the automatic bed ... and sort of propped that up so that I could sit and officiate, and they came to me in my room."

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It's not dusty nor are there onions, I own my tears proudly!
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so cute omg
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This was so fun. And I feel like it should be cross-posted into the bridesmaid FPP -- Scrubs! Why has no one ever thought of scrubs before?!
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His bowtie was made from a newborn's hat!
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Don't let the hospital's accountants find out, they'll try to charge for it
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