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Hi, I'm on MetaFilter and I could overthink Sahan ful!

Delicious looking recipes- right now I'm watching the cooking video for molokhia and it's good- like, well framed, well paced, informative. Plus dancing!
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MMmmmmm, the pan-fried meat recipe looks delicious!!
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I am in favour of this!

I'm also a big fan of ful medames - the variations here in my part of Australia tend to be Egyptian, Lebanese or Iraqi, so it's great to have another take on such a simple dish...
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I just sent this link to a friend of mine who is from Barbados. I swear he served this very drink at a BBQ some years back. It wouldn't be that odd that this drink from Sudan is also made in Barbados? It'l be interesting what he says.
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Zobo or Bissap in West Africa

West African bissap recipe:

Steep hibiscus petals in hot water
add some mint and/or ginger (optional)
add ALL THE SUGAR (absolutely not optional)
chill and serve
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"South Sudanese cuisine is generally complex and labor and time consuming."

Note to self: look up Sudanese restaurants.
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