What Spitty does well is jump. At this, he excels.
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that no pleasure is so cheaply bought, and so unmarred by complexity, as the simple joy of seeing a dog hurl itself into a pond in pursuit of a slobbery stick. Science has proven the impossibility of the human brain to register self-pity, or maunder on about the generally sorry state of things, while in the presence of canine bellyflops. (Outside magazine)
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I rate Spitty a 28 out of 10. Top-quality zoomer!
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...I have learned a new thing today. I had *no idea* that there was a sport called dock diving.
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I'd heard of dock-diving, but not the variation with the toy suspended in the air over the pool. That's fantastic.

I love watching dogs do something they enjoy.
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Letterman used to showcase these dock diving dogs. I suspect Spitty will be his next Netflix interview.
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I was helping my ex empty a neglected hot tub full of very nasty stagnant water. As soon as we pulled the cover off it, her doggo got incredibly excited and took off running in a big loop around the yard ending with a flying leap and an epic bellyflop in the tub. We were both drenched but could not stop laughing.
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12/10 needs more photos
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Needs more jumping/fetching/crazy running. Reminds me of the first time I saw the whippet flyball videos out of Crufts. Fast, lazy dogs!

(watch the track at the bottom)
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thank u for this post my fren 13/10 would fav again

seriously, i needed this. Spitty is adorable and gave me my first smile of the day
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Here is Spitty setting the world record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipe8DxM2Ljs

Here's a nice little video essay on Spitfire and his fam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_WQNA7oyag
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We hold this truth to be self evident: every dog needs a trophy large enough to sit in.
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“Firm, proud buttocks,” as Mr. Burns said approvingly of the family greyhound in "The Simpsons."

Heh. It feels like Christopher Solomon had a grand time writing this article.
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My dog adores swimming, and will swim in any body of water (including paddling his feet in the water bowl at the dog park) but for some reason he will not jump into the water from any height at all. Not even from a rock 2 inches above the water, or the edge of a community pool when they had a dog swim day at the end of the season. He'll jump into a kiddie pool or run into the water from a beach, but won't jump in from above. Which is too bad because his love of water and jumping and swimming would otherwise make him a really fun dock dog.
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FPP needed MOR VIDS. Thread provided.

Good thread. Good MeFi.
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Baird is a retired health-care worker who now makes her living by coaching and training dogs in dock diving.

Proof that there really is Heaven on Earth.
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Fun post — and lovely, sparkling writing from Chris Solomon! I will be reading more by him.

I have a dog like Spitty, except in reverse: she will leap 9 feet in the air backwards to avoid setting her dainty paw into even the least muddy or puddly of itsy mud puddles. She's a 100% pure waterhatin' dogbreed.
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AHEM. There's a dog tax around here, taz, as you well know
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Good dog Spit!
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Dog tax. An old pic, but one of my faves.
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