We have to articulate ourselves. Otherwise we would be cows in the field
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Couldn't your indie film use a touch of Werner Herzog? Well, the folks at Truthteller think all filmmakers, regardless of their status, should have the chance to work with The Master, so they developed WernAcular (Vimeo), a highly sophisticated speech synthesizer that analyses your voice and turns it into Werner Herzog’s. The WernAcular audio plug-in was released in early April.
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Hahaha. YES. Time to revolutionize my voicemail.
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And we in comparison to the articulate depression and curmudgeonliness of this filmmaker - Uh, we in comparison to that enormous articulation - we only sound and look like badly spelled and half-finished sentences out of a stupid YouTube comments section.
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That's hilarious - I have several filmmaker friends who would LOVE to use this...

[Spoiler alert:] I was going to say 'this would be a great April Fool stunt' and then I clicked through to the source site...
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"But why?"
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Not as far fetched as you might think.

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Just ask him nicely, he will narrate your film for you himself.
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We truly live in the future.

Edit: I hate you all.
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I was pretty sure this was a joke already, but they should call themselves LieTellers.
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Well that was an excitement/disappointment roller-coaster ... so thanks?

So now I'm listening to Paul F Tompkins doing his Werner Hertzog (this is a good one) and feeling pretty good about it.
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Don't we all want a big red drama knob, really?
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I only want a drama knob that turns down, to like below zero.
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early April đź‘€
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One of his lesser-known works, Werner Herzog reads Curious George.
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Werner Herzog reads Curious George.

That got me excited as the original George books are utterly bizarre (at least to me - that first one has George allowed to smoke cigars). Sadly not the real Herzog reading. I'd definitely pay money for certain books to be read by Herzog though. The original Thomas the Tank Engine books for instance. Or maybe his Encyclopedia Brown readings would bring out the inherent rot at the core of the American Dream?
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I found the parodied Werner Herzog children’s literature readings delightful.

In addition to Curious George:

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
Twas the Night before Christmas
Where’s Waldo

Thanks to RyanIverson for creating these and thanks to JohnFromGR for pointing me to them.
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