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"He sits at a table and spins his yarn, his only requisites being a small stick, the so-called 'wakening-rod' xingmu (in Yangzhou storytelling called 'talking stopper' zhiyu), a handkerchief and a fan."
A comprehensive guide to the art and tradition of Chinese Storytelling — with photographs, text, audio and video clips illustrating elements of performance.
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Is this something I'd have to take any taxi with a radio in the Middle Kingdom to hear?
Thanks, unilateral. Despite the claim in my bad joke, never heard Yangzhou storytelling (having spent most years in the north), but from a swift peruse this looks like a great resource and I have bookmarked accordingly.
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Is this something...oh, goddammit, Abiezer beat me to it.

This is interesting. Like Abiezer, I'm more familiar with northern-style storytelling (and, significantly less so, with a style from Wu-speaking areas that uses a drum), so this is new to me. Bookmarked!
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Ooh, yesterday my wife suggested Yangzhou for a short National Day holiday jaunt. This makes the city that much more attractive.
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