Puppetry of the Penis: Tackle Happy (2001)
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Puppetry of the Penis: Tackle Happy (2001) Any Australian Metafilterians care to explain this? I found a rave review of this DVD on Amazon.com's Future Bestseller's list. "Organ Origami", "The Fine Art of Genital Manipulation" and "Performances with Road Companies at Major Festivals Throughout The World"? I think the world's citizen's are owed an explanation.
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Previously discussed here and here. Triple post.
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Surely you mean previously dicussed, mcwetboy.

Tackle Happy was directed by the mighty Mick Molloy, an Australian TV and radio comedian of some repute.
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I believe I saw these guys on HBO lately. Definitely two Australian guys doing dick tricks. How many can there be?

Too bad about the post police though.
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a3matrix: I dunno, Aussies have surprised me before. It may be an entire subculture.
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My cat's breath smells like cat food.
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They've relocated their show to the Houseman's downstairs theatre on 42nd between 9th and 10th if any NYC area mefiers have the urge. I hear it's 'scro-tacular!'
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They are apparently doing auditions at the moment. A friend of mine went along, did some of the standard tricks (get the DVD to understand) and got asked to fly to Sydney for the final round.

I didn't have any idea that they were as big as they are, but I think they are heading into Chippendale territory (hens nights etc).
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"I didn't have any idea that they were as big as they are"


Puppetry of the penis is simply two guys doing dick tricks, nothing more, nothing less.
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this act is as far away from the defintion of sexual/sensual you can get. Entertaining, yes, but i think people feel more thrilled by being part of a surreal broken taboo act more than the actual "artistry". damn aussies are strange though :p
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They were at the Edinburgh Festival. My favourite bit of penis manipulation was "The Hamburger". Try and picture that.
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