Would you consider yourself old?
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This is so great!
posted by stevedawg at 12:22 AM on July 4, 2018

I’m a quarter century younger than they are, but I still totally identify with these guys.

(Also, the dude on the left in the blue shirt is kinda cute.)
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I love this. They are all invited to dinner at my house.
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The O.W.L.s are fabulous as well. "Scissoring?! We didn't have a word for it, we just did it!"
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This is great. I agree with blue-shirt guy though, too much RuPaul for the source of gay slang.
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I don't consider myself old. Not yet. Maybe not ever. But I'm fabulous. Sometimes.

I bartend once in a while, in an establishment that gets a very mixed clientèle. I get a lot of professional young gay men and women, and I've never heard any of them use those words/phrases. I'm going to listen very carefully next shift I work.
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"I like owls; they're cool birds."
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metafilter: sometimes you're wrong, they're really farmers
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I like those people. And owls.

In the beginning Gloria created the heaven and the earth.
And the earth was nanti form, and void; and munge was upon the eke of the deep. And the Fairy of Gloria trolled upon the eke of the aquas.
And Gloria cackled, Let there be sparkle: and there was sparkle.
And Gloria vardad the sparkle, that it was bona: and Gloria medzered the sparkle from the munge.
And Gloria screeched the sparkle journo, and the munge she screeched nochy. And the bijou nochy and the morning were the first journo.
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Vada well at these, omies and palones.
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I loved these so much.

"What was that? Truu? Trrrruuuk?" "Okurrrr"
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metafilter: sometimes you're wrong, they're really farmers

So much queer fashion is about people from rural areas moving to cities and being more visible than city queer folks because of their rural style, and then urban queer folks adopting elements of rural fashion.

Anyway I loved these videos even though I have a deep and abiding dislike for the word "futch". It's interesting how much the slang changes over time.
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Awesome. I'd like to have Kaffee und Kuchen with all of them.
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I find it amusing how most of the lesbian slang isn't actually new at all--the ladies featured keep gleefully laughing "I know that! We used that!" "U-hauls--I moved in before I even started the relationship once, I should get a gold star for this!" The ones that did confuse them are often acronyms that they laughed and recognized immediately when the acronym was spelled out.

(And in fact most of the slang terms I know and use are the ones they already knew, too!)

I have to wonder if it's just that there isn't really an equivalent of RuPaul et al. to pick slang from. Or if it's just that, well--it's specifically lesbian slang, and my general experience is that over here on the women-into-women side of the room there's much more partitioning based on politics and more of a general cultural interest into partitioning identities of orientation and gender that don't necessarily lump well under lesbian itself. Which is why many people reach for queer in the first place.

So if I was looking for words to ask about, I'd probably also have reached for terms like unicorn or bicurious or boi or cishet or soft butch. It's interesting that several of the words they did choose for lesbian slang are terms that have traditionally been used derogatorily about bisexual women--L.U.G., for example, or hasbian, or gold star.

And I find it interesting that the lesbian choices are very focused on lesbians as an identity, not queer women, which is not necessarily true of the gay men's options. For example, I probably would have presented "gayby" to both groups despite the term difference--I know plenty of people who will interchangeably refer to themselves as gay or lesbian, for example, and gayby is a term I tend to see used in a gender-neutral context.

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The expression “doppelbanger” is one of my favorite things about these. Both are great fun.
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I wonder if the elder gays are offended their video uses music that is practically ragtime. At this point in history, those elders would likely have listened to rock!

This is 100% adorbs. There ought to be one crossing the age gap the other way, too!
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omg I loved this! I'd already seen the gays one, it was circulating facebook, but i hadn't seen the lesbians one! (that doesn't surprise me, lesbophobia is super real on facebook unfortunately). I would LOVE to spend a weekend with these ladies. I've made friends with an older lesbian through tumblr, and it's one of the best things I've ever done. She is so kind, and thoughtful. (She's both a lesbian ~and farmer, haha). I love lesbians <3
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the ladies are having way more fun!
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The gay video annoyed the fuck out of me: if you're gonna talk gay slang, don't wimp out and bleep the words pussy or fuck.
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Nice to see buds and ladybuds proving love in their unique way.
posted by signal at 6:59 PM on July 4, 2018

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