We fell, and we may never walk again. But on hands and knees, we crawl.
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Video Game Hell, the all trans woman podcast helmed by Sabbat creator Eva Problems, has completed its first RPG Hell actual-play campaign, never formally titled but which can only be called The Crawl. Run in the Apocalypse World system with prequel specials using Kingdom, it is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where humans live alongside anthropomorphic animals, strange cosmic weirdness is leaking into reality, and a settlement has been built on and in a massive tank-like structure of unknown power-source and purpose, whose settlers include a pig-woman who started a cult based on a fansite about the Overwatch character Roadhog. A second season with a different system and, likely, setting is planned. Full episode links for convenience inside.

Episode 1: City Lover City Rider in which we are introduced to our heroes, the world, and a minor conflict ensues.
Episode 2: Everybody’s Looking in which a party gets out of hand and the Crawl is confronted by an obstinate peacock.
Episode 3: Soul Gasoline in which several bargains are struck, for better or worse.
Episode 4: Night of Fire in which Putrid gets us all in trouble, again.
Episode 5: Like A Thunder in which the battle for the Crawl is joined.
Episode 6: Because You Live in which Vic needs a kidney.
Interlude 1: Shining Like A Lucky Star Meanwhile, before the Apocalypse... an interlude (using the Kingdom system) set at the mysterious Starfall Institute.
Interlude 2: Golden Age The conclusion of our Kingdom system interlude, and the end of the world.
Episode 7: From Heartache To Heaven in which Poole and Madame Suidae lead an assault on artillery, and Vic gets a kidney.
Episode 8: Super Guts in which the gang investigates a cannibalistic murder.
Episode 9: Chemical Love in which we meet the D-Dogs.
Episode 10: Lost in the World in which we find the source of the strange flowers.
Episode 11: Take A Look In My Heart in which Gundyne gets counseling and Poole searches the guts of the Crawl.
Episode 12: Cherry Girl in which Vic and Madame Suidae travel to the village of RubyCon West.
Episode 13: Harmony in which the Crawl turns and the tension builds.
Episode 14: Supersonic Fire in which the Crawl makes war.
Episode 15: Stay The Night in which Poole goes beyond, Suidae connects, and a soldier comes home to Vic.
Episode 16: I Don’t Wanna Go in which an offer is considered and refused.
Episode 17: Love As A Weapon in which the Crawl navigates a hostile plane.
Episode 18: Wings of Fire in which


you found me.
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Oh wow, this is legit cool. Tabletop gaming/RPG stuff is not something I'm super into, but I appreciate this post so much. Thanks for cobbling it together and sharing with all of us. Awesome possum.
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