Christopher O'Riley
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Christopher O'Riley is a pianist who has transcribed some Radiohead tunes. Give a listen if you like, and spare me the Radiohead does/doesn't suck thread.
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Heard Brad Mehldau's version of Paranoid Android? Very cool.
posted by davebush at 1:32 PM on May 31, 2002

Very nice.
posted by GriffX at 1:44 PM on May 31, 2002

has anyone else heard Strung Out On OK Computer? on a scale of one to yes, I give it a yes please!
posted by mcsweetie at 2:21 PM on May 31, 2002

it's interesting, "strung out on OKC", and certainly not muzak, but as a pre-revolution Radiohead fan I wouldn't go so far as to rate it very high. it kind of weakens the songs, the string thing
posted by matteo at 2:29 PM on May 31, 2002

They play a piano version of Paranoid Android at the Borders/Starbucks in Cambridge - gets a bit irritating after the tenth time. It's also quite disconcerting. Not something that I would listen to of my own accord, but interesting when hearing it for the first time. Probably sounds terrible if you've never heard the original song.
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During my days working in concert production, I remember listening to Mr. O'Riley's performances/rehearsals (in the classical music vein) and remarking on his incredible technical skill. Nice to see him use his talent for other musical genres, even if Radiohead on piano might sound a bit odd.
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I also feel the "strings" version is weak. It doesn't bring anything interesting to the song, just copy/paste with different instruments, while they could have put so much creativity around these pieces.
Haven't heard the O'Riely pieces yet, but I heard it was better. Too bad they're in RealAudio format, I won't download that just to hear the songs. I'll wait for the mp3 versions. Which are probably already available, but then again I'm tired.
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They play a piano version of Paranoid Android at the Borders/Starbucks in Cambridge

I heard a solo piano version of the track "Exit Music for a film" from OK Computer at Starbucks once that I thought was quite good- is that the one you're thinking of? Or is there a whole album of Ok Computer done in solo piano? I actually checked the Starbucks site, but couldn't find it...
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Brad Mehldau also does a version of "Exit Music (for a Film)".

Not to be confused with Strung Out on OK Computer.
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I play "Airbag" on my belly sometimes.
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Let's not forget about classical Weezer.
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nath: Brad Mehldau also does a version of "Exit Music (for a Film)".

Found that one- sounds a little more like what I was thinking of, but not quite- a little too jazzy. The version I'm listening to is a live version, though, and I don't remember there being percussion in the Starbucks store I heard it in, although the in-store speakers might not have carried the drums that well. The arpeggiating near the beginning does sound familiar, but then veers off of what I remember which was much closer to the classical/Romantic style of a Beethoven or Chopin rendering.

For those wanting a listen, found a full length real audio version at KCRW, of live in-studio performances that include Mehldau doing Exit Music.
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d: you broke my heart. i was expecting a *real* orchestra playing weezer songs, not some guy with a casio keyboard. it's strange that he offers sample mp3s; midis would really be more appropriate.
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Can anyone tell me why people use realplayer? It sucks eversomuch.
posted by untuckedshirts at 6:57 AM on June 1, 2002

Yeah, it's like weezer-meets-Final Fantasy soundtrack. Aah, the world is a wonderful place.
posted by D at 4:22 PM on June 1, 2002

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