Weirdest Most Beautiful Bugs
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A family created a small scholarly museum of bugs in nowhere Colorado. Driving along a nondescript section of Highway 115 a few miles south of Colorado Springs, it’s hard not to swerve at the sight of a gigantic Hercules beetle, its horns as tall as a house, standing beside a sign for the May Natural History Museum.
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!!!! ....I want to go to there.
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Ohhhh, I wish I'd known about this when I was visiting Colorado Springs a few years ago! Would make a smashing daytrip combined with the nearby gator farm.
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Oooh, I like this. Field trip worth braving I-25 traffic for!
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Our family was there less than two weeks ago and we had a great tour which began with a segment of Strange Inheritances featuring the dad, the son and the grandkids. The collection is amazing, and is mesmerizing for kids as well as adults. The campground is farther up, but the gift shop doubles as the camp store. The people are great, too.
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Dude that place is so badass. We used to drive by it all the time when I was growing up, going camping and stuff, and kind of always wrote it off as one of those dumb things for tourists that locals never condescend to patronize.

Then one day in high school we went and, like, it's amazingly cool. They had a big plexiglass enclosure full of black widows and my girlfriend at the time was like "hey, that box doesn't look very secure, it looks like they could get out." Since I was in high school at the time I didn't know any better than to say "well, I hate to tell you..."
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I live in town! If you’re passing thru, join me for bugs and waterfalls!
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I just passed by a sign for it driving back to Denver from Canon City and thought "I bet that's one of those weird little private museums you don't see much anymore". Now I definitely want to go back and check it out.
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I'm curious how it's funded, it doesn't sound like it gets any huge number of visitors so probably not supported by tickets, yet there wasn't the typical paragraph about its uncertain future. Is there some kind of family foundation that pays for upkeep?
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