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Enough to be on your way If you are sitting in the corner of the basement because the wife is pissed at you and you come across a little known James Taylor video, you are obliged to share it. That is all.
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Wiki: James Taylor wrote his song "Enough To Be On Your Way" with Alex's funeral in mind then changed some of the details to commemorate a fictional "Alice".
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I saw him a couple of weeks ago (first time live!) and I was thrilled. I wish he had performed this one. Or my favorite, That Lonesome Road. He is a national treasure.
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Home, build it behind your eyes,
Carry it in your heart

He has a great way with lyrics.

sitting in the corner of the basement because the wife is pissed at you
Did you scoop your bagel?
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One of the happiest accidents of my adolescence was right after Fourth of July weekend some year in the nineties. Mom and Larry had a fight, and since my brother and I were at home for the summer, when we’d notice one parent or the other’s overnight absence, they sent us kids to Chicago. Larry secured us a hotel and some spending money—he was the caring sort. Mom disappeared as she liked to do.

Anyway, we had 48 hours to kill and found our way to this thing called “ Taste of Chicago” in that big park by the lake. I’d had two of those billy goat tavern steak sandwich dealies when I heard the sweet voice of the man I came to identify solely with Austin City Limits or real-dad’s Sunday PRI.

We sat on the grass, in front of the “Patrons” or “Sponsors” or whatever. Luckily, mom smoked during her pregnancy, so we seemed more childlike than hooligan.

It was calming to sit in a somewhat distant city and to hear such peaceful familiarity and to see James Taylor’s completely-normal face and head behind his voice.
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Sorry to post serially, but to complete my thought—I’d never heard that one before, and now I’m glad I have. Thanks, HuronBob
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I don’t know what I was expecting when I started listening to this song but I can surely say one thing I was 100% not ready for was an F-bomb.

Cool song, thanks for sharing. Never heard it before.
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Can't watch now because I'm at work, but I love this song and will definitely watch when I get home. He has a lot of less well-known songs that I think are wonderful: "Never Die Young", "Another Grey Morning", "Her Town Too", "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight"... I feel a JT playlist coming on.

I saw him last weekend in what was one of the most perfect evenings of music I've had for, oh, almost a month (OK, so I saw the Stones a month back, and that was fantastic, but those two gigs have been the best for many a year).

Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Paul Simon on his farewell tour. BR rocked the place, and JT and PS sang all the good ones... no better way to spend a sunny summer's evening in London.

(Somewhat OT, but it was sobering to realize how old these folks are now... 69, 70 and 76 respectively. PS was born in the year of Pearl Harbor, and has been a musician since 1956. Heck, I remember sitting with a borrowed guitar in my girlfriend's bedroom when we were teenagers, trying to figure out some of the Simon and Garfunkel songs that he sang on Sunday. We're married 40 years next year, and the songs - along with JT's classics - sounded just as fresh now as they did then)
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I love this song. I didn't know the story behind it and I'd never seen the video. As 43rdAnd9th notes, so many of the musicians I grew up with are in their 70s now. It's hard to fathom.
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HuronBob, What Did You Do?
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That's beautiful and JT is a favorite. My cousin, also from No. Carolina, and introduced us to his music and I shared this with him. thanks for posting.
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this was timely. my dad is an inveterate james taylor lover which is usually cause for me to savagely dunk on him, but he's been having a tough time of it lately and i am happy to send this along.
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He has a high-powered band - dudes like Alan Holdsworth's bass player
I wish he'd cover "The Nile Song" or something like that, with those guys
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I always come back to this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_D0i7UC9UY
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My favorite JT will always be Secret of Life, which I heard him play at Harvard Stadium 40 summers ago...
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My wife and I were falling in love when this album, Hourglass, was released. We wore it out, riding around in her red Honda Prelude. The CD was one of those old interactive discs with videos on it, and I seem to remember James Taylor saying that the song was originally about the death of his brother. I also believe the woman's voice you hear on this song is Shawn Colvin. Good memories.
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Oops, I missed pracowity's comment. My apologies.
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"HuronBob, What Did You Do?"

Hell, what HAVEN'T I done... :-\

Thanks to everyone for the responses to this 3 am post..

When life sort of sucks, I turn to artists like James Taylor, and communities like MetaFilter.

In answer to your question about "what did you do".... I think I stood up for myself... sort of felt good...
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