Because the Eiffel Tower was not crazy enough
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Architectural projects for Paris that did not see the light of the day, an ongoing collection by u/BringbackMarchais on r/France (MLReddit).

Some highlights:
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Access ramp: looks like they tried to put a modern Arc du Triomphe on top on the Eiffel Tower.
Highways: Not sure how much of it was implemented, but Robert Auzelle also tried to do something like that in here in the 50s; he didn't go ahead because of economic pressure and would cause a lot of displacement from the historic center because he wanted to level it for parking spaces. His idea of creating multiple centers connected by avenues is more or less my shit.
X Bridge: I want one
Rotating airport: What if we combined the concerns of landing on smaller airports with the concern of landing on top of a populated area?
Underground city: I too wait patiently for a Fallout set in Europe.
Le Corbusier stadium: The French delle Alpi
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Clicked on this preparing to laugh, quickly noticed Les autoroutes dans Paris intra-muros. Blanched and gave a muted scream.

La station centrale des aéronefs de Notre-Dame got me chuckling though. So wrong it's funny.

That Grande Arche de la Défense has some serious Bauhaus-ish post-modernism going on. While I like how it echoes the shape of the CNIT, I am also happy it was not built. The real one's squared-off, contemporary mirroring of the Arc de Triomphe is cool, I think.
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Dodged a bullet on a lot of these. Having just been in Paris, I can't imagine how awful most of the ideas would be. Also, what is it with the Republican monuments all having pyramids? At least one looks like some Lovecraftian tomb from another plane.
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The Les Halles frog is some of the laziest concept art I've ever seen, but I'm all about it.
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That map of Paris with autoroutes cut through it is just horrifying. Imagine if instead of one périphérique running around the city you had about 20 running through the city, cutting each district off from the next.

Sometimes I dream that the Tour Montparnasse was abandonné. It would be a better world.

(Fantastic MeFi post, thank you.)
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The Lighthouse of the World

"Pleasure-Tower Half Mile High"
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this is AWESOME! Is there a folder I can download for my desktop background?
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Nelson: That map of Paris with autoroutes cut through it is just horrifying.

One city, at least, that Robert Moses and his disciples didn't get their hands on.
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The orientable rooftop airport certainly seems foolproof...

For accuracy's sake I would correct a small attribution error: "design for a long orientable runway, which would be mounted on circular tracks atop tall buildings, as sketched above, has been conceived by a French engineer eight-year-old boy."
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This reminds me of something that's been banging around my head for a while. Growing up, my summer vacation was in Northern England, and driving from Switzerland (where I grew up), we'd usually go via Calais (hovercraft ferries blew my young mind!), passing the outskirts of Paris on the way in.

My dad always made a point of noting, year-in-year-out, an unfinished "highway to nowhere" we'd drive past in/near Paris, but I can't for the life of me find anything about it. Anyone know what it was? This must've been mid-to-late 80s, IIRC.
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My dad always made a point of noting, year-in-year-out, an unfinished "highway to nowhere"
Was it the Aerotrain elevated track to nowhere?
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omg the Eiffel Tower ramp looks like those Korean tornado potatoes.
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Was it the Aerotrain elevated track to nowhere?

No, this was running right next to the highway we were on in/around Paris, and intended for cars.
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elgilito: "The Titan of Braavos, Napoléon-style, a triomphal bridge celebrating Napoléon (no date given). "

I like this in a "Gotham City in Tim Burton's Batman" way.
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