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Gullible Bum - "The Official Unofficial The The Site." A great web site with a brilliant interface for an incredible band. "Abandon your preconceptions about site navigation."
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Well, Hell, it's "the The"! (That's always so difficult to type). Thanks, but now I am going to have to suffer through the incomprehesible interface to see what Matt's been up to lately ...
posted by yhbc at 9:21 PM on June 1, 2002

oh, shit. i just discovered these guys for myself a few months ago, after finding one of their records and realising i once lived in the same building as one of the musicians on infected. picked up the record for $1, was really intrigued after the clerk at the desk described them as "tom waits fronting the church", and feel my money was well-invested in this piece of vinyl. ("slow train to dawn" seems too close to one aspect of my social life right now.) their music is so dense, but in a good way -- there's a lot to chew on there, mentally speaking.

if anyone is intrigued, i would highly recommend they bypass gullible bum for this is the the day, the official website. much easier to navigate, and some better features, like a music video for the new song.

sorry to ramble like this -- it's weird to buy a record in the morning and BOOM find a thread on it on mefi that night. especially if it's a band that's not as well known as, oh, radiohead or creed. :)
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Yeah, that PHP error message makes for an amazing navigational interface indeed...
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I saw him play once in the olden days, but the haze within and without my head then (and even now, a little) reduces me to guessing at the decade, never mind the year and the place. 1983? Buffalo?

[1932? Tuscaloosa?]
posted by pracowity at 5:28 AM on June 2, 2002

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