Three Major Physics Discoveries and Counting
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Meet the Woman Who Rocked Particle Physics—Three Times (Quanta) - "Sau Lan Wu spent decades working to establish the Standard Model of particle physics. Now she’s searching for what lies beyond it." (via)
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Wow, what an incredible woman.
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Damn she's a badass. I admire anyone so driven. Also I love the humor in this quote, "Although I married a theorist, I never really paid attention to what the theorists told me to do."
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From the article, this is pretty striking and unsurprising:

I know this is an unfair question, because no one ever asks men, even though we should, but how can society inspire more women to study physics or consider it as a career?

Well, I can only say something about my field, experimental high-energy physics. I think my field is very hard for women. I think partially it’s the problem of family.

My husband and I did not live together for 10 years, except during the summers. And I gave up having children. When I was considering having children, it was around the time when I was up for tenure and a grant. I feared I would lose both if I got pregnant. I was less worried about actually having children than I was about walking into my department or a meeting while pregnant. So it’s very, very hard for families.

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I thought this post was about Chien-Shiung Wu, who was unfairly deprived of a Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Great interview, thanks for posting!
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Yeah, thanks kliuless -- I'm upset not to have heard of Dr. Wu before.
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