10,000 pages of Yukon Indigenous language material published online
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Yukon Native Language Centre scans books, course materials and more to publish online

"Until now people from the communities would have to come into the language centre to access any resources. Or they'd have to put in an order and it would be mailed out to them. And they weren't free."
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This is awesome. Minority language preservation is a topic dear to my heart.
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Tlingit is a very pretty language - you can hear a bit of it spoken here.

IIRC it has four or five dialects depending on where you are in Canada/Alaska/PNW. The first transcriptions were actually done in Cyrillic by Russian Orthodox missionaries-funny how languages bump into one another, isn't it? Cyril and Methodius develop it in the 9th century AD, borrowing it from Greek and Old Church Slavonic, then centuries later those same characters are used to transcribe Tlingit across the world.
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Preserve the languages. All the languages. The teach and speak them. We should all be multi-lingual. And our cultural heritages should be kept as rich as possible. I live in the PNW and I should learn some Tlingit just to better understand the history of land in which I reside. Sadly my list of languages to study is overfull at the moment.
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Very interesting thanks for posting!
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