“It was just like: Man, we could drag race down that beach.”
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The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) is a vintage hot rod and motorcycle festival. To qualify, cars must have been produced before 1935 and motorcycles before 1947. This year nearly 20,000 spectators watched almost 200 cars and bikes racing down the sandy beach.

Originating in Allenhurst, NJ, the event has taken place in the kitchy beach town of Wildwood, NJ since 2013. And this being 2018, you don't need to be an actual gentleman to race.

Official site: The Race of Gentlemen
Instagram: TROG
Atlas Obscura: Vintage cars and motorcycles race for glory in a throwback motorsport celebration on the Jersey shore.
Vimeo: The Normal People -- a 6m20s film about TROG by Daniel Soares
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Nifty old cars!
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And old bikes too! I cringe to see all those knuckleheads and flatheads with their poorly sealed valvetrains and such in the middle of all that saltwater and sand, but I figure their owners can and do tear them down and rebuild them on a regular basis. Looks like fun; hope to see it some day!

I have pictures of my grandfather's brother and cousin racing on Pismo Beach in the 1920's after spending 3-4 months riding their motorcycles from Pennsylvania to California and opening a Harley dealership there. Apparently the TROG folks know about Pismo as well.
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Lotsa cool linkage, coverage of previous TROG stuff here , at the selvedge yard. Which btw is a great site, not sure if it's been linked here much
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