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My Way is the sixty-eighth studio album by Willie Nelson. It was released on September 14, 2018, by Legacy Recordings. The album is a tribute to Frank Sinatra, who was a close friend of Nelson's
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You know, in case you still thought all stoners are lazy.
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God bless.
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Seems like one too many albums from old Willie. Slow down already.
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I don't know if there's such a thing as an album double feature, but the prospect of pairing this with Stardust sounds magical.
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Stardust is the soundtrack of my childhood, and while the message of "My Way" really makes my blood boil, if anyone deserves to make that song their own it's Willie. The man is a saint.
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Rolling Stone review from today
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If we're talking about Willie, allow me to suggest that each and every one of you give his 1998 album Teatro a listen. He worked with Daniel Lanois on this, and the collaboration is fantastic.

Nelson covers Lanois' "The Maker" here, which is just lovely. That song was having a bit of Moment at the time; Emmylou Harris included a cover on her live album that year (Spyboy), which was from the tour in support of her collaboration with Lanois, 1995's Wrecking Ball (on which she does NOT cover the track).

Late that same year, the song made its way into the set list for the Dave Matthews Band at their December 19, 1998 show at United Center.
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“Review: Willie Nelson My Way,” Curtis Zimmermann, Cover Me, 24 September 2018
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