The Life Of Saint Death
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Santa Muerte (previously) is considered the patron saint of outsiders. In popular culture she’s been painted as the patron saint of drug traffickers and gangsters, who are drawn to her for her deathly appeal. But she has also come to be known as a representative for trans and queer individuals, as well as undocumented immigrants. […] This short documentary from AJ+ follows the celebrations of a group of Santa Muerte devotees in Queens, New York who believe that since death comes for us all, it’s best to be on her side when she does.
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from 2013: Fear of a Skeleton Saint, Reason
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The Deathbed Remark: This Is No Time To Be Making New Enemies, is often attributed to Voltaire:
When Voltaire was dying, in his eighties, a priest in attendance called upon him to renounce the devil. Voltaire considered his advice, but decided not to follow it. “This is no time,” he said, “to be making new enemies”.
It may also have been the last cautionary breath of Machiavelli, generic Irishmen and Scots, and other wits.
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That was lovely and interesting. Thank you for posting.
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