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How a mercury spill in Canada inspired a movement

Nearly 50 years ago, a corporation poisoned First Nations people and land. They’re still fighting for justice.

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"Spill" seems intentionally misleading here (in the headline, not in OPs post, which takes their header). A spill is accidental.
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For those of us who care about First Nations & environmental issues, Grassy Narrows has been a rallying cry. When I was growing up in Northern Ontario in the 70s it was one of the first news stories that I heard that really hammered into me that there was something rotten in how white Canadians & our government treated First Nations people and the North. The story even made it into a young adult novel I read as a kid. It was a big deal with us and really galvanized a lot of my sentiments and politics.

There is so much that continues to frustrate about this story - whether it was the fact that the Ontario Government had known for years or that we have barely dealt with the ongoing issues there (especially for young people). It seems unfathomable to me that it was only barely a month ago that they've increased the disability payments.

For a little more history check out: posted by Ashwagandha at 11:05 AM on October 22, 2018 [2 favorites]

And yeah "spill" hides what this was - it was dumping site.
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It's briefly noted in the Guardian byline at the bottom of the FPP link, but here's a little more on Steve Fobister, who died last week at the age of 66.
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yes, there is a ton of excellent reporting on this from the Star, including a piece on a recent assertion of land sovereignty from the First Nations in question.
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Robert Jago (who's definitely worth following) has put some commentary about his Guardian piece on Twitter.
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I feel like the difference between the conservative and liberal governments in Canada is like the difference between an unrepentant abuser and an abuser that apologizes after the abuse. Both are abusers, the the latter says their sorry.

An example is the Trudeau's stance on consultations regarding the proposed pipeline. He is committed to 'consulting' with first nations, but also committed to continuing the project regardless of the objections of first nations. The conservative government before him wasn't interested in talking to the first nations before moving forward with the pipeline. Both will demand they get their pipeline.

More simply put, the Liberal party will give lip service to first nations issues, the conservatives will not.
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