“Our heads were on the penny first, of course,"
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Speaking of indigenous authors, Tanya Tagaq's new book "Split Tooth" is incredibly good. I'm going to read Heart Berries as soon as I get the chance!
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That was an excellent piece and something I’d expect from a major nonfiction magazine like the Atlantic rather than Buzzfeed.

One thing: the article doesn’t go into to, but even though the MFA is relatively new, the IAIA is a much older organization that has been a center for arts learning since the 60s and has an amazing history.
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On the advice of a friend, I'm in the midst of Reinventing the Enemy's Language: Contemporary Native Women's Writings of North America edited by Gloria Bird and Joy Harjo, which is making me remember why I hate anthologies (I want more!) while I'm simultaneously loving it (I want more!). Thank you for sharing this -- I'm looking forward to checking out their work, and the work of other Native authors mentioned here.
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I want more!

Check out Spider Woman's Granddaughters, edited by Paula Gunn Allen.
Everything Joy Harjo writes is wonderful. Heart-shatteringly, heart-reconstructingly wonderful.
Leslie Marmon Silko and Lee Maracle are also excellent.
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I loved how she talked about mentorship and the balance of engaged and supportive but not appropriative or lecherous. So much of how I think about power dynamics is rooted in these images of deliberately naive power which damages while claiming ignorance - like a Manic Pixie Abuser. It’s nice to recognize that this is an unhealthy dynamic and not an inevitability.

I also loved how she talked about making space for more people and having that space big enough for ambiguity and dissent but rooted in relationships. I want that. I want to make that in my own communities. I want that to become the norm.
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IAIA was absolutely the most beautiful, most Native campus I've ever visited... and my dad and sister graduated from Haskell. I still visit and rep Haskell cuz my dad works there.

IAIA has something else going on. I want to study there, I'd like to teach there but I'm unqualified.

To say I'm disappointed that my son didn't go there to study animation... would be a huge understatement.
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Tanya Tagaq's new book "Split Tooth" is incredibly good

It's next in the queue after I get through Eden Robinson's Trickster Drift, which just came out.

It's the followup to Son of a Trickster. It's great, and so is her earlier novel Monkey Beach.

I want more!

I can't recommend Eden Robinson enough!
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