MMMBop + Beck's Dad x 25+ years x symphony orchestra = String Theory
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NPR has a lengthy article about, and an even more lengthy [1h23m] First Listen of Hanson's new album String Theory -- a double album, career spanning retrospective recorded with a symphony orchestra playing arrangements by David Campbell, who amongst other things of note is Beck's father.

Like, just listen to the thing. It's an astounding piece of work. I wasn't prepared, and you likely aren't either and so just listen.
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Thank you for this. We had tickets to see them earlier this year with our symphony, but I ended up with a killer cough that would have been disruptive. (I tried to give our tickets away on FB but most of my friends were like "really, the MMMBop guys?")
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I've always "got" that they had way more talent than they got credit for but damn, this is really, really good.
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My inner preteen is squealing. I can't believe how big they are now!
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Soooo, they're scientologists now?
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It's like Funk Brothers arrangements meets modern production and I am here for it. Thanks, hippybear.
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So Hanson's parents and my parents were in a newlyweds group at church back in Tulsa before any of my 5 siblings and I and their kids were born. Back when I was transitioning from high school to college in the early 90's, they came out to LA to record the mmmbob album and since we were the only family I guess they knew in California, they had my younger sister join them in LA to nanny the younger set of kids (the ones not in the band). We had seen them maybe 1-2 times as kids on road trips in the midwest growing up, so we kind of loosely knew each other. But then they blew up, and whenever they'd come into town wherever I happened to be, my mom would get in touch with their mom and then I'd go to the show and hang out backstage with them. So I got a small inside view into how growing up as pop stars looks like.

Fast forward to last year some time, I saw a poster for them in a shop on Fillmore Street here in SF and saw that it was for a show that night. Called mom, she called their mom, I went to the show. Boy, was it a trip. I still to this day only know their one top hit, but the Fillmore was PACKED to the gills with fans and Every One Of Them Knew The Words To Every Song. I was floored. These were clearly the same set of gals (mostly) that had been teenage mega fans fawning at me to get them in back stage when I was a kid. They were just ~25 years older now.

I spent the show reading up on their wiki page and was stunned to see that they've done quite so well for themselves - I had no idea - they've had 8 top 40 albums! Good for them.

Anyway after the show they caught up with me like it was old times. They've been big into their philanthropy and I had half a career or so in humanitarian work so it was nice to catch up on that. They're all super nice, down to earth guys. They all married fans of theirs and have beautiful families. Yay Hanson.

(I can still get you introduced to them I think ThePinkSuperhero if you ever want)
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Whoa. Time-triping.

I've waved bye to a lot of treasure over the years, but I still have my Hansen Brothers on the EGGO's waffle box.

Wait ... are we talking the 'Slap Shot' Hansons? Na, prolly not.
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The best way to be introduced to post-Mmm-Bop Hanson is to have it played for you as a surprise in the car of a friend you trust to have interesting music tastes. The friend says nothing as you hear a few recordings from "The Walk" and you, totally digging it, ask, "Who is this?".

And the friend, who is driving the car, takes her eyes off the road and stares into yours with a you-ain't-gonna-believe-this grin and replies, "Hanson!"

A few months later, in your gratitude, you buy tickets to the Hanson show for you and the friend. And also two pairs of earplugs - because you've read that Hanson concert-goers are screamers in the finest Beatlemania tradition.
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