"Hang up your parka, bust out the quaq"
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Coffee & Quaq is a podcast by Alice Qannik Glenn about exploring the lives and experiences of Alaska Natives, focusing especially on people in their 20s and 30s. So far there have been four episode: 1) Modern Interpretations of Traditional Iñuit Tattoos with Holly Nordlum and Charlene Apok. 2) All About Native Foods with Tikaan Galbreath and Leila Smith. 3) LGBTQ in the Native Community with Jenny Miller and Will Bean. 4) Eskimo vs. Iñuit with Jacqui Igluġuq Lambert, Mellisa Maktuayaq Heflin, and Inuujaq Leslie Fredlund.
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This looks incredible and I can't wait to listen to it!
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I really liked the first three episodes. When the radio silence dragged on into the fourth month I was starting to worry that the podcast would cease to be a going concern. I was so thrilled to wake up yesterday morning to find a new episode in my feed, and apparently there are further interviews in the bag.
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Sounds interesting. Hmm, no RSS feed mentioned anywhere? too bad. Don't have time to check on everyone's site each day.
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Here's the RSS feed.
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Thanks for sharing--I can't wait to listen. I also shared it with my friend (a non-native) who is teaching primarily Native students in rural Alaska. Hopefully they'll listen!
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I’m not Alaskan or Native but I love learning about Alaska Native culture. Can’t wait to listen to this, thanks!
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Adding to Stitcher now...
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