June 13, 2002
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In the long line of "take a picture of things" collaborative sites, we now have Snap Your Desk, which takes a few design *cough*hints*cough* from The Mirror Project.
So show us your crap-covered geek pit.
posted by Su (3 comments total)
It's also exactly like The True Desktop Collection and Deskstravaganza.

It's kind of similar to K10k's On Display too.
posted by itchyrobot at 10:32 PM on June 13, 2002

Aside from maybe the color scheme and the fact that the site features photographs, I see no similarity to Mirror Project... in fact, you almost insult Heather by making the comparison. Mirror Project has much more panache!
posted by crunchland at 10:37 PM on June 13, 2002

i tried to stay true to hong kong with project chopsticks...
posted by bwg at 4:04 AM on June 15, 2002

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