Don't Drive Fast on the Storseisundbrua
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Storseisundet Bridge, along Atlantic Road, the Atlanterhavsveien in Norway, is a mind-bending (at certain angles) cantilever structure guaranteed to thrill you.
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Also on Google StreetView.
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Here is a video of the bridge that is not an SUV commercial.
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This picture reminds me of the Great Wall in its curvy following of the landscape.
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Take a looong, leisurely drive along its course here. But mute the soundtrack unless you're a fan of hideous Celt-schlock...
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It's neat, but I'm not sure my mind is bent. Also, anything with a portion sticking out is a "cantilever". Specifically, that looks like an arch bridge. Hard to tell from the photos how well the arch could be working, though, all twisted like that.
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That first photo, where it seems to end in mid-air at a crest, reminds me of the Richmond Bridge going towards San Rafael in the SF Bay. I remember thinking to myself "just look at the road in front of you, and have faith".
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The bridge is impressive, yes, but I want those picnic tables.
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I once drove a big ol' Town Car over the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel during a tropical storm. Winds were around 50+ mph and waves were smacking the undersurface of the bridge, occasionally throwing spray across the bridge decking. Talk about thrilling! Things were so intense the bridge was closed to all trucks. I loved every minute, even if my arms were tired afterwards from having to wrestle the wheel away from the wind during the crossing.

Now I want to go to Norway to drive this, but it'd have to be in a storm.
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Hey, I just drove over that bridge several weeks ago. It is indeed beautiful and impressive. It's one of the few big roads in Norway that's pretty much exposed to the North Atlantic, unsheltered, without any skerries to block incoming winds. Lovely drive on a nice sunny calm day, I imagine it's a good deal more exciting with a storm coming in.

But Storseisundet is but one of many impressive bridges crossing fjords. There aren't a lot of bridges in Norway: you do a lot of driving 30km around a fjord or waiting for a 15 minute ferry ride across. (i.e. E39 with its eight ferries). But when they do have a bridge, it's a big modern soaring concrete ribbon like this. Partly to allow ship traffic underneath, partly (I imagine) as a response to the depth of the water they're building over. Most of the Norweigan coast is an accident of sea level, with the oceans having climbed up steep mountain valleys. Just as deep below as they are high above.

The other solution for fjord crossing is tunnels. We drove around the Faroes for a couple of days too, a country of many small islands now united thanks to Danish road building. Most of the water crossings are tunnels, 5km+ long tunnels that go deep, deep under the water. Dark, narrow tunnels. At the furthest reaches they were one car wide, despite being two way traffic. I think I prefer bridges.
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I can't imagine that cyclists are particularly big fans of this thing....
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Anyone know who designed this thing? It's pretty cool. I'm trying to google it and failing, surprisingly.
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The bridge was designed by the engineering company Johs. Holt AS.
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I´v driven that road on a stormy winters day, scary to say the least!
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