"I am a scavenger salvaging lost aesthetics"
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Carrie Ann Baade [NSFW] paints pictures that link “the power of historical masterworks with [her] own experience as a contemporary artist.” Her work is fragmentary using an image bank culled from Renaissance and Baroque art which is used to contemplate “the ageless issues of morality, politics, and the individual quest for self-expression.[NSFW] She describes herself as “a kind of Dr. Frankenstein attempting to piece together the sublime.
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Dang that's interesting! Vaguely remeniscent of Bosch, but definitely not just a modern take on him. I like!
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My brain just directed a little Aliens/Night at the Museum mashup:
The art critics told us not to open that HR Giger exhibit in the Fine Art, now the creatures are tearing through the galleries xenomorph-style, infesting and assimilating the classics, jumbling them up into twisted shapes and making them....weirdly sexy.
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