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2018 in Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes [YouTube] “2018 was a momentous year for the gaming industry. Blockbuster games broke new ground, artful indies abounded, and online sensations reached new heights of popularity. It is impossible to feature every worthwhile title in one 2 minute video. I try to select a balanced variety of titles that convey a sense of the totality of the year in gaming. Some well loved games will be missing, and some divisive ones are included.”

• GOTY 2018: #1 God of War [Polygon]
“Among other big, AAA games of the year, God of War seems to be the porridge that’s just right. Marvel’s Spider-Man is mostly safe and familiar open-world ideas wrapped in beautiful synthetic webbing. It’s great, but it’s also deeply familiar. Red Dead Redemption 2 is astounding in scope and ultimately emotionally satisfying, but along the way it takes a few too many risks, some of which can spur an antagonistic relationship with its players. God of War’s structure is familiar, but its creators take calculated risk in its presentation. This is God of War’s most remarkable achievement, the thing that made a good game great. There’s plenty of the franchise’s trademark gore coupled with deeply satisfying reimagined combat, but the specific creative decisions and their incredible technical execution elevate it to more than slasher film gross-outs. The way it proceeds in a single, uninterrupted shot without tedious backtracking. The way it tells a story with compassion and empathy, without throwing out the franchise’s established mythology.”
• Why God of War is IGN's 2018 Game of the Year [IGN]
“IGN's Best Game of the Year category is a celebration of the best of the best – the most compelling, thought-provoking, and fun games that we played across all genres and platforms, no matter how big or small. God of War captured our imaginations this year with its beautiful world, incredible pacing, and a perfect weapon in Kratos' Leviathan Axe. But God of War's most brilliant trick is adding depth and humanity to Kratos, long-time video game poster boy for yelling, thanks to his connection with Atreus. The throughline of their relationship is a thrill to watch develop both narratively and mechanically, as everything in Sony Santa Monica's adventure comes together to form a gorgeous, memorable masterpiece.”
• GameSpot's Game Of The Year 2018 [Gamespot]
“In 2010, GameSpot's Game of the Year was none other than Red Dead Redemption. Eight years later, that game remains one of our all-time favorites, and leaving John Marston behind to step into Arthur Morgan's story wasn't easy. Red Dead Redemption 2 ended up being everything we could have wanted in a prequel, but it's also a moving, often heartbreaking, and oddly hopeful story that stands independently of its predecessor--and that's only part of the reason why Red Dead 2 is GameSpot's 2018 Game of the Year. It's fair to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 faced incredibly high expectations. For fans, there was the matter of how to follow the original Red Dead Redemption. More generally, there was the simple fact that GTA V, Rockstar's previous game, is among the most successful entertainment properties of all time, as well as the promise that Red Dead 2's open world would be vast and incredibly detailed (including the horse anatomy). Going into Red Dead 2, you'd be forgiven for expecting it to be a big cowboy playground where you can go anywhere and do anything an outlaw might care to do. And in some ways, it is--but it's remarkable for the ways in which it isn't.”
• The 15 best video games of 2018 [The Verge]
“Last year saw some of the biggest names in video games reinvented and rejuvenated, from the lush open world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the heart-pounding Resident Evil 7 to the manic wackiness of Super Mario Odyssey. Meanwhile, we were surprised and delighted by brand-new names like PUBG, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Cuphead. There was even a great Sonic the Hedgehog game, which doesn’t happen very often. But this year was also surprisingly strong, offering up an incredibly varied mix of interactive experiences. There are the blockbusters, of course, like the free-wheeling Spider-Man and the meticulously detailed Red Dead Redemption 2. But 2018 was also a fantastic year for smaller games. Florence used interactivity to show what it feels to fall in love, and Return of the Obra Dinn is perhaps the best whodunit to ever grace the medium. Meanwhile, Tetris Effect made the case that stacking blocks can be an emotional experience.”
• 15 Worst Games of 2018 [Gaming Bolt]
“he end of the year, for us, is (mostly) about recognizing the best and greatest achievements of video games over the course of the past twelve months. And though there have been plenty of games in 2018 that deserve such plaudits, like any other year, this year has also seen the releases of some games that haven’t been quite as successful. Either because of pervasive technical issues, or fundamental flaws in game design, or a combination of several seemingly minor issues that came together to create larger problems, or because of a combination of some – or maybe even all – of the above, there were some games in 2018 that failed on more levels than they succeeded. Like anybody else, we prefer to talk about things that we care about and enjoy, but at the end of the year, when we look back at all that’s come before, we feel it’s also important to point out the bad stuff. Not because we want to mock it, or direct negativity toward it- quite the opposite. Because we want to identify where those games went wrong, and hope that such errors won’t be repeated as time goes on. And so, we’re going to take a look at fifteen games of 2018 that we here at GamingBolt felt just couldn’t successfully do what they had set out to do. These are our least favourite games of the year.”
• Roasting The Best Games Of 2018 [Kotaku][YouTube]
“Allow me to present my favorite games of the year—by stating one thing I dislike about each of them. I did some research before making this video. I noticed that “worst games of the year” videos always (always!) get more hits on YouTube than “best games of the year” videos. I surveyed 20 content creators. On average, a content creator’s “worst games of the year” video gets 157% the views that their “best” video gets. My eyes turned into cartoon dollar signs. “Maybe I should do a ‘worst games of the year’ video.” Then I thought, “Negativity sucks. I don’t want to make a video where I just say mean things about bad games the whole time.” Thus I arrived at the idea of a roast. Come along and listen to me count down my 29 favorite games of the year by blasting the cruelest criticisms I can manage at them. It turns out that a lot of games that came out this year were so good that it’s genuinely difficult to say anything bad about them. I sure enjoyed the challenge, though. Except in the case of Celeste. Saying something bad about Celeste felt like stomping a kitten. So I didn’t say anything bad about Celeste. Celeste is the best game of the year.”
• The 25 Worst Video Games Of 2018, Officially Ranked [The Gamer]
“018 has been a pretty great year for gaming. The Nintendo Switch had a strong second year that ended with the triumphant Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; the PS4 and Xbox One are clearly on their way out with some great AAA titles; and indie games have never been better, easily mixing themselves into the world of big budget games. We have truly lived through a fantastic generation of gaming. At the same time, 2018 has also been one of the worst years in gaming in a long time with Nintendo’s poor online, a growing emphasis on homogenized AAA development, and some truly awful titles. For as good as 2018 was, its bad parts are enough to make the shift into the next generation a bit worrisome. Where are we moving as a medium? Microtransactions, in-game advertisements, and overpriced season passes are the most rampant they’ve ever been. We are shifting into an age of gaming that will likely do away with physical media and prioritize game streaming. If nothing else, the games that came out this year only show just how little developers care about consumers. For every Red Dead Redemption II, we have three cash grab games around the corner waiting to drain our wallets.”
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I think the only game I played this year that was released this year was Spider-Man. It's real good!

Return of the Obra Din, though. Just the alpha demo for that thing was a GOTY contender, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it over the holiday.
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Fizz's Games of the Year 2018:
1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2. Into the Breach
3. Celeste
4. Dead Cells
5. The Messenger
6. Battletech
7. Subnautica
8. Minit
9. Donut County
10. Life is Strange 2
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I have a Super Smash Bros waiting under the tree as I write this and I am a wee bit excited to mash some buttons this holiday!
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My GOTY last year just in terms of pure durability of playtime was Plunkbat, and on those terms I feel like 2018 is basically the "friendship ended with Plunkbat, now Ring of Elysium is my best friend" meme. There are other games I have played that were much better games and much more within-themselves meaningful to me, but christ if this Battle Royale nonsense hasn't been a throughline.
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This year I really enjoyed shorter indie games based around unique concepts - Return of the Obra Dinn, The Messenger, and Minit all stood out as highlights.
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If you love clever indie games, Yoku's Island Express (on sale for the rest of the year for $10 on steam and ps4, no idea about xbox) worth a look, maybe not GOTY, but definitely up there.
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Mmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy name is Russ Frushtick supercres and I can't freakin wait for the first episode of The Besties in seven months, in which they'll argue at length about their respective GOTYs and come to some sort of consensus. The Polygon boys keep teasing it (including Griffin on Wonderful! this week).

The arguments are always 😗👌
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Return of the Obra Din

I'd buy Return of the Obra Din on my PC but I have soooo many other games to play that I'm just going to hold off. I have a feeling that if I were to start playing it'd immediately move up into my list of GOTY.
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Subnautica, Into the Breach, Warframe, and No Man's Sky were my four favourite games I played this year. Only the first two were actually released in 2018, but I wanted to give the others an honourable mention of sorts for having really big updates this year.

I really need to play Obra Dinn, though.
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Celeste was my GOTY when I played it on January and it still is. It does everything right, a perfect mix between story, gameplay and music. The only criticism I can think someone could give Celeste is "I don't like that genre" and even then it tries its hardest to allow you to enjoy it with its Assist Mode.
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I have a lot of fun with Parkitect at the moment. I find it a much better game than Planet Coaster.
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I tend to play games late so most of my favorite games this year are from previous years. (For the record they include Hollow Knight, Hellblade, Tacoma, Stardew Valley, and Prey.)

Two of my favorite games of 2018 have actually been in early access for a while and only hit their official release date this year. For example it was super satisfying to finally play a game of Subnautica from start to finish, now that all of the story content is in place. And I played well over 100 hours of Dead Cells before they finally called it done. Both highly, highly recommended.

It was a great year for indies. Favorites from this year include Far: Lone Sails, The Red Strings Club, Cultist Simulator, and Into the Breach.

If you've been thinking about VR by the way, Beat Saber really is as good as they say. The built-in songs are great but it's super easy to mod and there's a huge community of people adapting songs that you can easily add. Super fun, I hope we see other VR devs take note and move in this direction.
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I'm interested in playing Celeste but am nervous about the difficulty level. With Assist Mode, how 'easy' does the game become?
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With Assist Mode, how 'easy' does the game become?

It's as easy as you want it to be, the settings are pretty comprehensive.
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With Assist Mode, you can make yourself invulnerable and just keep jumping to win. You can also tweak it to give yourself smaller assists...I made it through most levels by just turning off fatigue, so I could hang from a wall as long as I wanted while planning out my next step.
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Difficulty in GoW and RDR are what kinda spoiled these games for me. A controller with four "fire" buttons, four buttons on the left, four buttons on the right, two joysticks with multiple functions, and a few ancillary buttons is just too much.

I stuck with GoW until I got to a point where I could move through the game on the lowest difficulty--primarily propelled by the amazing graphics and story and wanting more.

But I had to give up on RDR ... the lowest difficulty was still extremely difficult with various multiple button combinations just to progress through the game.

My Christmas (er, "Holiday") wish would be to lower the difficulty on these games for those not proficient with 16 button controllers...like me.
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My GOTY is Wandersong and I’m real bummed that nobody seemed to play it. :-(

Other standouts this year:
  • Into The Breach
  • Celeste
  • Minit
  • GRIS
  • Subnautica
  • Florence
and about 36 other games that i played for the first time this year but were not released in 2018…
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Cool, I think I'm going to try it. It sounds awesome.
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Celeste deserves GOTY accolades, yes.

The impression I am getting from everyone talking about God of War is that it’s familiar, but not too familiar, but not too not familiar, and that it seemed to have been a (new?) craze
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2018 was a tremendously fun year to be a PS4 gamer. And a single-player gamer, to boot, despite the asinine claims by some bloated publishers that we're a dying breed.

- Spiderman: addictive mechanics, smooth combat and great story--my favorite game of the year...the only one that I finished with a 100% completion rating.
- God of War: gorgeous, immersive, challenging while keeping the action moving along at a nice clip. (retrieving your ax might be the most viscerally-satisfying button press ever).
- Detroit: Become Human: playing through a session while my daughter progressed through a separate game was a fantastic experience, prompting many discussions of the seemingly-innoculous decisions that branched our storylines into dramatically different milestones and outcomes. We capped our playthroughs with a binge-watch through the series, 'Humans.'
- RDR2: I'll be trudging through this slow burn for the next year. Intimidating in its scope and detail; beautiful if you can ignore the 4K/HDR issues. Worth the investment just to get drunk with Lenny in the saloon.
- Far Cry 5: not everyone's favorite, but I had an absolute blast playing through the campaign and some of the arcade maps. Wish the DLCs hadn't felt like UGC, but a solid release nevertheless.

Bring on The Last of Us 2!
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hey good Doctor do you wanna
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I am still playing RDR2 even though the challenges are pretty frustrating and sometimes outright pointless (becoming an expert gambler at one point requires continuously asking for more cards in black jack regardless of how close to 21 you are as you need to win with 4 cards, you have to search the entire map for herbalist challenge 1 then again and again). The big problem with the game remains that the controls are a pig. Oh, the button for brushing your horse is the same as the one for pointing a gun at the nearest person even though you are standing right by the horse we've decided this time not to let that menu pop up? And the nearest person happens to be a policeman? Thanks for that. And the guidance on using deadeye is crap. And expecting me to read a paragraph of text on screen while doing something on screen with a countdown is also frustrating. And random events causing me to become an outlaw is also annoying and happens too often.

I haven't tried the online yet but by all accounts it stinks.

Still might pick up Spider-man and Kingdom Come Deliverance.
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2018 was a tremendously fun year to be a PS4 gamer.

I feel this same way for Nintendo Switch console owners. The number of high quality ports plus indie games and Super Smash, it made it a banner year and I couldn't be happier as a gamer. I've ignored my PC for most of this year in favor of my Switch, it's just so much more convenient on the go and curled up in bed or on the couch. Also, Smash is really one of the most entertaining games of the year, there's a little bit of something for everyone, whether you're a solo player or into brawling co-op with your friends. It's a system seller to be sure.
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Kingdom Come Deliverance

FWIW: while the consensus is that very little of his questionable politics make it into the game, Kingdom Come's director Daniel Vávra has been supportive of GamerGate in the past and has made statements endearing him to the alt-right contingent in video game fandom.
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FWIW: while the consensus is that very little of his questionable politics make it into the game

About GamerGate, maybe, but the time period that Kingdom Come depicts is suggestive in itself, and he takes liberties with the expected diversity of the period.

I think the thing most notable for me this year was how we're seeing a lot more games that aren't particularly combat-focused. Especially in the last few years, games have really broadened in terms of mechanics and experiences, when maybe ten years ago you'd get a lot of shooters and a lot of games focused around combat. Combat's still a big thing, obviously, but there's a lot fewer games that are about combat. There's a lot more interest in how the mechanics of games make the player feel rather than the fidelity of the death animations. Even the violent games, like Hitman 2 and God of War, feel like they're at the top of their game because they embrace the potential for comedy and pathos rather than being content to be a bloodbath, and games like Subnautica, Celeste and Obra Dinn eschew combat altogether for something far more interesting.
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I always have this urge to try Battletech of the current age because back in '85-ish it was the first computer game I hacked. The genre, way back when, but Battlemech/Mechwars/whatever RPG rules (ala D&D) as a 2d tabletop implemented on the Amiga. My early 15 year old hackery involved fighting robots. Go figure.
story redacted
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Yeesh, did the whole world already forget about Monster Hunter World? One of the best games of the last decade...
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I admire Celeste, but even with Assist Mode it’s a platformer, and I just don’t like platformers.

RDR2 is enormous and enveloping, but now that I’ve completed it it just kind of recedes into a gray lump. Just watch one good episode of the Sopranos or Deadwood and get back to me about how good the writing and acting are in RDR2. It’s primitive stuff. I love the natural world in it, though.
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I've played very few titles released this year, but based on technical achievement alone, I would put Project Stream's Assassin's Creed Odyssey at the top of my list. This game should not run this well streaming into my aging hardware over wi-fi. I'm just blown away. The view distance is insane considering the gear I'm using to render. I can even run it reasonably well on my older $300 Chromebook, which should be impossible. It seems like they are constantly making improvements, meaning this delivery system could potentially evolve into something spectacular. The gameplay is probably pretty standard (but enjoyable) fare compared to it's genre competition, but I have nothing but superlatives to throw out there about this game. My system struggles with Mutant Year Zero, for example, which doesn't seem like it should be as sluggish as it is; practically unplayable. I'm going to be sad when the beta ends next month. If it launches with a subscription model, I'm ready to go right now.

I just picked up Into The Breach recently and have enjoyed it so far, but I don't see it beating AC:O on my list. Perhaps if it had a story with depth. Outside of 4X, I'm a sucker for a well conceived story. Speaking of which, I'm a big 4X fan, but I don't think I have any titles from this year. Endless Space 2 was released last year, and it's definitely one of my favorite games. Hopefully Endless Legend 2 is in the works.
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I always have this urge to try Battletech of the current age because back in '85-ish it was the first computer game I hacked.

The current one is the closest thing to a(n officially licensed -- MegaMek is still a thing, after all --) computerised translation of the tabletop rules since that one Westwood video game way back in 1988. Absolutely worth a play if your interest in robot stompery leans toward to the turn-based.

Actually, I think the only reason that Battletech isn't higher on a lot of these lists is that Into the Breach exists.
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Actually, I think the only reason that Battletech isn't higher on a lot of these lists is that Into the Breach exists.

i think they scratch very different itches. ITB is more of a puzzle game dressed up as a turn-based tactics game. Battletech is a full-blown mercenary mech squad management simulator with a tactical combat layer. ITB is much more accessible, which is going to put it on more lists.

but they're both brilliant games with big stompy robits
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I’m getting tired of the seemingly uninspected fawning that dad games get. I feel like it’s the respectable face of the same toxic catering that results in more obvious games industry sexism, like oversexualization.

It’s about families and feelings, so it’s got to be good! And then it’s always fathers and sons. Sometimes fathers, sons, and brothers. These families are certainly valid and nice, but it’s... a little conspicuous just how little women are a part of these stories. And how critically acclaimed they are relative to other aspects of catering to male privilege and perspective.
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i just want the goose game. where is the goose game. i have been so patient.
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i demand to be a horrible goose
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It would be sort of the ultimate realization of the premise of being an asshole goose for the goose game to just be an asshole and not come out after all, tho.
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I haven’t played any new games this year, but I’m excited to play Battletech (if my computer can handle it) and Obra Dinn.

I’m a little sour on “open world” games, they all seem repetitive to me. I played a lot of FF15, MGS5, and The Witcher 3, so I’m worried about RDR2 being...sort of the same thing. I don’t want to do the same quest over and over again. Maybe I’m just playing the wrong games.
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I feel so disconnected from video games. I watched that video and it was just this endless montage of gritty men having gritty problems. Oh and there’s a second of Dead Cells and that sure is Spider-man.

My decision a few years ago to stop buying AAA games that make me be a white dude probably isn’t helping me recognize any of these, admittedly.

I feel like a curmudgeon but Celeste was... okay? And so was Dead Cells? Maybe I’m done with masocore platformers, no matter how charming their stories are. I got to the King’s Hand in Cells, looked at the fight, realized it required learning a completely different style of build than the long-range one I favor, and haven’t played it since.

Obra Dinn was fabulous, first game I’ve drawn fan art in years, I sat there with a notebook open trying to narrow down facts about all those topmen and sailors.

Right now I’ve got the Spyro Trilogy sitting here with me stalled out halfway through Spyro 3 and I feel like that sort of sums up something important; half of this year has really seen me feeling like it’s time to spend a year or two with no game consoles in my life, with waiting for the Spyro remake being one of the main things keeping me from just putting the ones I have on Craigslist. I am however looking forwards to Asshole Goose Game and Sable...
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I think maybe the only game released this year I've actually played is Into The Breach. And it's pretty good, but if that's going on people's GOTY lists, then I haven't missed it on much I guess. I mean, I played it to death (fully 100%ed, so the achievements etc) but it just felt so much smaller, less intricate, and just so much... less than FTL. It was a disappointment, but maybe that was because of my expectations, because of just how amazing FTL is?

I haven't picked up Lethal League Blaze yet, but I am dead excited for that. I loved the first game, and tm it really looks like this just improves on it in every way from everything I've seen.

This year I've mostly played Breath of the Wild (my boyfriend got a Switch) which is amazing (and my first Zelda game - none of the older ones ever appealed) and continuing to put hundreds of hours on Rocket League.
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Oh my goodness I cannot wait for Lethal League Blaze on Switch next spring
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I feel so disconnected from video games. I watched that video and it was just this endless montage of gritty men having gritty problems. Oh and there’s a second of Dead Cells and that sure is Spider-man.

I wasn't going to say anything but I don't think that video is really representative of video games in 2018 at all. This was a year where a lot of the top-tier AAA titles weren't all that inspiring, with at least one high-profile disaster in Fallout 76, and Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to be getting a really unfavourable critical re-evaluation. Was there even any Fortnite in there? Sure, it didn't come out this year, but 2018 was Its Year.
posted by Merus at 4:35 PM on December 22, 2018

Sure, it didn't come out this year, but 2018 was Its Year.

this is my biggest problem with putting together my best of '18 list: most of my favorite games this year didn't come out this year, they just came out for the Switch this year.

the ability to play in handheld mode means that I can play games when someone else wants to use the TV, and after sitting at a computer all day, a game has to be something pretty special (or extremely niche) for me to buy it on Steam and play it on PC instead of waiting for the Switch port.

so yeah, my real game of the year was Hollow Knight, except it launched on Steam in 2017.
posted by murphy slaw at 4:47 PM on December 22, 2018

Yeah, ports make things complicated. My likely favorite game of 2019 hit Steam early access in fall of 2017, so… what does it count as?
posted by DoctorFedora at 9:45 PM on December 22, 2018

I just write myself a list of best of 2018 based on what I played that year. Trying to keep track of actual release dates is way too hard.

The only highlight for me that wasn’t mentioned above oh my god obra din anyway was Bards Tale 4 which managed to both be an interesting take on the crpg combat, have great music, and also grab me really really hard by the nostalgia,
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I think I actually played more Dragon Quest 11 than anything else new this year. In no way is it the best DQ game, but it was generally enough for me simply by being new DQ content.

I'm very pleased with the Burnout: Paradise remaster too. It's simple, good-looking, and fun to try to 100%.

Still playing the hell out of Slay the Spire.
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Very excited to milk these lists for more games at some point. I spent so much time grinding at Celeste earlier this year only to barely remember that, hey, that was a game I played! My brain is mush.
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