Now it all makes sense!
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Now it all makes sense! Jon-Benet Ramsey, and Waco, and the JFK Jr. plane crash? They're all related events!
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posted by camworld at 12:03 PM on May 23, 2000

You mean you actually read that thing? My eyes nearly exploded trying to read the Teeny-Tiny-Eyestrain-O-Vision clutter that was that web site.

See, conspiracy theorists don't need proof - they need typography lessons.
posted by solistrato at 12:10 PM on May 23, 2000

I didn't see this coming.
posted by Awol at 12:12 PM on May 23, 2000

hey who posted this? let the cat outta da bag...The "invisible operatives" invisible no more...
I put my decoder glasses and saw that every third word actually was part of a sigular sentence...
Really though Can you imagine the time put into all that?

posted by neo452 at 3:31 PM on May 23, 2000


Is *that* why I've been feeling so lousy this month.

Thanks, man; really..
posted by baylink at 3:46 PM on May 23, 2000


That guy's an amateur. The real truth is that the Reptoids, working hand in hand with Majestic-12 and the Prieure de Sion, told Vannevar Bush to inspire the creation of Hypertext in order to get their hooks into our brains...

Oh, wait a minute.

Never mind.
posted by Ezrael at 10:21 PM on May 26, 2000

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