The Runners Four
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Maybe you are in the Wrong Time Capsule? Deerhoof understands. Do you like a tightly-locked rhythm section? They have got you covered. Maybe you appreciate totally committed drumming? Maybe you won't believe, but if you don't, just look away. If you catch a live show there's a very good chance you will hear a rendition of Panda Panda Panda.
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Deerhoof are great live. Watching Greg Saunier stuff himself into a drum kit and go to town is always good harmless fun.
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My first FPP... I thought I'd share something I love for the New Year. I know it's definitely not for everyone!

The band is amazingly approachable. I've had conversations with Ed Rodríguez while he was breaking down equipment, and Greg Saunier typically hangs out in the pit while the opening bands are setting up.

Even when playing as an an opening band, I've heard Thom Yorke be stunned by their set.

I can't calculate how many times I've seen them live (ten or more). Certainly not enough.

Anyway, as a first post I wanted to keep it short and limit the links to something manageable. I hardly knew where to start. Hoping commenters can add details I've left out...
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Hoping commenters can add details I've left out...

Youtube suggests to me this rig rundown
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Well, I think it's pretty freakin' cool... thanks for posting.
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The one time I saw them live, Greg was wearing a well worn T-shirt printed with what I believe was one of Rockwell Kent's Moby-Dick illustrations. A small detail, but one I found memorable.
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Love Deerhoof. Despite their not being one of my absolute favorite bands I think they're the one I've seen live the most times. They're phenomenal live: the whole band is a joy to watch, particularly Greg who is probably my favorite drummer. Their energy is just so lovely and fun.

My go-to live performance of theirs that's available online is that Juan's Basement set of which at least one song's linked in the post (I haven't checked them all yet). It's the first 12 videos in this YouTube playlist.

If you read this comment, I implore you to watch at least the first 45 seconds of that first video, even—especially—if you've never heard of the band.
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That video was totally linked as "got you covered" in the OP. Sorry sjswitzer didn't mean to steal your thunder!
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Great post! I'd say they're in my top ten favorite bands of all time. Got to see them live at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco mid 2000's. I can't believe the sound that Greg Saunier gets from that (3-piece?) kit. Pretty awesome live set on the Chris Gethard Show recently: part 1 and part 2
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valrus, link your fav. There are so many!
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I'll bow out now (because threadsitting) but I have to put this in here.

(and I sorta don't even like that guy)
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Great first post! Looking forward to checking them out.
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Good stuff - great post!
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I loved Apple O' & The Runners Four but then couldn't get a handle on Friend Opportunity when that came out and stopped paying attention to them after that. But based on the links I think I ought to belatedly give Offend Maggie a try at least. Many thanks for the post!
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I saw them in 2006 once at the Castro theatre in San Francisco doing the live soundtrack for Harry Smith's Heaven and Earth Magic. Memorable experience. Supposedly they have never performed this again.
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misteraitch, I loved Friend Opportunity so YMMV, but I think Offend Maggie is maybe their strongest album front to back. You should definitely give it a try. It features pretty prominently in that Juan's Basement set ("Tears and Music of Love," "Fresh Born" and "Snoopy Waves" are all from it and are played pretty faithfully to the recordings) so that might be a good place to get a taste.
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I love Deerhoof. Maybe the best live band I’ve ever seen. I was at a show about twelve years ago where someone in the crowd shouted “I think you’re my favorite band!” And yeah, of course.

Metafilter introduced me to Deerhoof, as a matter of fact. We used to do mixtape exchanges (maybe we still do?), and someone sent me a mixtape with “Gore in Rut” on it. I was hooked.
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