How it is told is not neccessarily how it is.
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RioOnWatch; community reporting on Rio de Janeiro's favelas gives it's opinion on the best and the worst of International Reporting on Rio’s favelas over the past year.
This work is as necessary as ever, as stigmatizing language remains pervasive—hindering productive conversations about favelas.

(Twitter) Best reporting: @HuffPost @guardian @theintercept @NextCityOrg @CityLab @nytimes @AmerQuarterly @business @OkayAfrica @ozy @jacobinmag @VICE @nytimes @TheAtlantic
Worst reporting: @AP @TheSun @AFP @TheRioTimes @DailyUrduPoint
Room for improvement: @Reuters @washingtonpost @TGlobePost
Congrats to @londonoe @domphillips @geofflevy @rayanhindi @frederickbernas @CiaraLongBrazil @mattyrichy @demori @carolinamourarm @Jollyxx @eirasyuri @delarabru @ggreenwald @shaunking @zoesullnews @greencities @DLBiller @RT_Watson @Kiratiana @Travis_Waldron
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Thanks as always, adamvasco. Valeu!
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