Five Days In the Favela
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Complexo da Maré is one of the oldest favelas in Rio, and a new short documentary, Te Vejo Mare, shows how, despite the headlines and violence, a community and culture manages to thrive there. As featured on today's Guardian website: Welcome to Complexo da Maré (10:16), The Samba Is Infinite (10:22), Fighting for Peace (11:00)
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Related: Retaking Rio: a long article in The Nation about how the Brazilian military, police, and social services plan to "pacify" the drug gangs, occupy the favelas, and change the way of life there before the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.
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Great video! I've watched The Samba Is Infinite so far, and really like it. Thanks!
posted by atchafalaya at 3:43 PM on May 19, 2010

The "Retaking Rio" article is fantastic. I'm looking forward to watching the videos. Thanks for the post!
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This is really interesting. Thanks!
posted by archagon at 12:58 AM on May 20, 2010

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