"So that's how unboxing videos looked like in the 1800s. Who knew ?"
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Mrs. Crocombe receives a letter, then writes a response and prepares a package.
Mr. Townsend receives a letter and a package.
Mr. Townsend writes a letter and prepares a package.
Mrs. Crocombe receives a letter and a package.

Viewers wishing to argue about whether the packages were delivered via the TARDIS or Doc Brown's DeLorean are cordially directed to the YouTube comments.
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I was a Mrs. Crocombe fan when she got her letter and sent the first package, but was confused about who she was sending it to. Much later on the yt algorithm spat out suggestions for the Townsend's responses and I've been enjoying their video backlog ever since. The best part about Townsends is when Michael Twitty comes on.

Recently the English Heritage channel did an interview with the actress who plays Mrs. Crocombe and it was fascinating. Evidently she really never cooked and only now makes desserts!

I really wish there were other folks doing things like this with historical recipes and cooking techniques from non-Western traditions. Maybe there are and I just don't know it because they're not in English. Regardless, this little time traveling culinary exchange is one of the most wholesome and charming things to happen on YT in ages.
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What a fun YT channel!
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What a lovely rabbit hole to fall into! Thank you for posting this.
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Thanks for these links. I watch the Townsend channel often as a relief from reading the political megathread but hadn't come across these. A whole new channel to explore. BTW, Indian pudding is a tasty dessert, historically interesting as an early example of fusion cooking. It is also useful when entertaining gluten intolerant guests.
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This is fun. I sometime watch these channels but hadn't seen the collab.
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This is fantastic. If you enjoyed this, you might also like Great Depression Cooking With Clara.
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They neglected to mention that making people eat seed cake leads to murder.

/Miss Marple
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I am soooooo trying that pudding recipe.
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Absolutely charming!
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I hadn't come across either of these channels before, and am now looking forward to watching all of them!
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I've never gone the extra mile to make Indian pudding, but I love hasty pudding with blueberries or cranberries and maple syrup. It's a delicious, quick, filling meal to throw together. Maybe before winter's up I'll try the baked version.
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