A theology that could not have been represented in egg
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Jonathan Miller (1998): On reflection A 1998 BBC documentary from Jonathan Miller, on reflections, surfaces, sheen, colour, shine, and the way oils transformed the ability to represent light, and hence darkness.
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This was some welcome Saturday breakfast viewing.
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In a discussion of how software patents came to be, there was once an example of the sort of "method and process" patent that gave rise to them. The example was of how to make panes of perfectly flat glass.

Apparently the first truly flat panes of glass were made by pouring the glass onto reservoirs of mercury.

Thanks for this. I enjoyed the topic, but kind of wish the discussion of translucence included an explanation of how the oil paints themselves made use of this.
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I know that float glass is made on the surface of molten tin. I think mercury would vaporize at molten glass temperatures.
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This was fascinating to watch and is going to have me looking at paintings in a new way now, looking for reflections and such. Never had thought much about it before. Thanks for posting!
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Thanks so much for this -- listening to Dr. Miller is such a pleasure. Fascinating topic as well.
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