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I love that people like this are out there, pushing back against expected play behaviour and are basically breaking the game and finding their own creative ways of playing and enjoying the game. Some of the stuff Stefan does is mind-boggling. Even if you're not a fan of gaming, this is just cool.
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The final link in this FPP is the first link you should click.
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I'm reminded of Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, where the first powerup you collect gives you the ability to turn around. So naturally some people have found ways to beat the game without it.
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Wow, this is… pretty great overall
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Stefan posted the second and final part to "What is the Minimum Amount of Joystick Inputs Required to Beat Super Mario Odyssey?" yesterday.
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> You can actually win the game without ever moving to the right.

Quick, somebody tell the DNC.
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This commentary is golden. So mellifluous.
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Needs “ouching spikes” tag
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I like how joyful he is and how much credit he offers other people. I really enjoy watching people compete against challenges instead of against each other.
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This reminds me of people who do crosswords with only the down clues!
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Holy fussy
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On a random note...I just happened to be browsing Egon Schiele paintings right before watching these, and now that I'm getting back to it, I can't help but imagine commentary in this lilting Austrian voice. "Here, Egon decides to portray the man's ribs with a series of ouching spikes."
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Holy fussy

I don't know what exactly this means but he has convinced me that I need to start saying it in my life.

I guess I like game play through videos for games I've never played now. Apologies to my nephews for ever questioning their fandom.
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So Stefan is pretty much the Bob Ross of video gaming? (Or perhaps more aptly Bill Alexander, but fewer remember him.)

So soothing to listen to and pleasing to watch accomplish his goals even though I'll never actually pick up a stick myself and try to do the same.
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This reminds me of people who do crosswords with only the down clues!

FREAKS. You use the across clues because that's where the theme clues are likely to be.
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