Katharine Hepburn's personal paintings
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If you think of Katharine Hepburn, you probably don't think of paintings, and that's in part because her paintings were mostly personal, and something she treated as a private hobby (Phyllis Loves Classic Movies blog). You can hear more about her artistic background in this clip from Antiques Roadshow (PBS, also available from CPTV).
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The self-portrait from the time of filming 'The African Queen' is the best. Our wedding vows quoted from that movie:
By the authority vested in me by Kaiser William II, I pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution.
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Wow! What an incredible find, I had no idea about this but it makes so much sense. The ones of Cuba, as well as her homes, are among my favorites here. Thank you for sharing this.

Katharine was a hell of a woman. Wish I could have known her. She'd have made a swell friend.
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