Thanks, it has pockets!
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A Cambridge bride and her wedding party took the internet by storm when their "slightly tongue-in-cheek power pose" was posted on Twitter.

It all started with this tweet:
My friend got married last month and her dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses ALL HAD POCKETS.
And yes, we did use them for storing snacks, thank you for asking.
Finally, a discussion about dresses online that does not erupt into an argument about whether it is gold and white or blue and black.
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This. I have had enough of clothes without pockets.
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This is a terrific story, also I like the dresses, no nonsense about pockets "ruining the line".
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That picture, in all seriousness, sent a delightful tingle down my spine. That is the most satisfying thing I have seen all day, and Kid Ruki texted me a picture of my dog in the middle of licking her nose earlier, so that’s saying a lot.

Most of wardrobe now consists of dresses with pockets. I no longer wish to deal with separates and pants with no or useless pockets.
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Love it! Also that it looks like the bride did "I picked the color, you pick a style that suits you" which means they all now have a nice well-fitting re-wearable formal dress with pockets.
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That look they all have is everything: We have pockets. We do not need you to carry our purse.
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This is charming and fantastic.
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Love it. I am currently wearing one of my bepocketed dresses and was standing in a similar pose earlier today.
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I had my wedding dress made and #1 requirement was big ass pockets. Was THE best. Many a sassy pocketed photo was taken that day. Plus, every time someone told me they loved my dress (which they did bc even if they didn't, what the else fuck do good people say to your face at your wedding?) I got to say,"thanks, it has pockets" and demonstrate said pockets.
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My wedding dress was made to measure and it had pockets. I used them for Kleenex. I started sniffling part way through the ceremony and my husband (unaware of wedding dress details) started fiddling in his pockets for a handkerchief, but I reached into mine, pulled out a tissue to dab my eyes, and enjoyed the crap out of the reaction from my side of the aisle. It was awesome. A++ to wedding dress pockets.
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The weirdest thing about this is that pockets -- massive, practical, purse-sized ones -- used to be a given in women's clothing right up to the beginning of the 19th century. You wore them *under* the skirt, between your skirt and your petticoat; you had slits in the upper skirt to give you access to them.

A History of Pockets

There's SO much space for a good pair of pockets in most women's dresses, and especially in a bridesmaid's dress!
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Love the photo of the men holding the flowers and the women with their hands in their pockets.
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My wedding dress had pockets because my mom made it for me and it never occurred to us not to have them. My primary request, in fact, was to make the pockets nice and deep. On my wedding day, I had a ring in it's box, prescription sunglasses in their case, and some tissues in my pockets. Very handy.

So glad that some shops are now making pockets in dresses easier.
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No More 'FLAPS' on jackets without pockets under them. Pockets in all slacks and pants. Now.
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Yeah, any full skirted or A-line dress ought to come with pockets by default. I have a set of dresses from NY and Company that I bought specifically for their pockets. (I bought the first online for the style, then realized it had pockets and promptly purchased every other color in my size.) I wear them in regular rotation all spring/summer/early fall, and also to conferences where I'm liable to collect/hand out business cards, and also on vacation.... They are basically the Ur-Dress.
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My most favorite party dress is a giant poofy skirted black and gold number. Not only is it insanely flattering (it's very form-fitting until you get to the bottom half), the poofy skirt means giant pockets as well. I'm always looking for an excuse to pull it out and generally get complimented it on it all night long.
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Love it! Also that it looks like the bride did "I picked the color, you pick a style that suits you" which means they all now have a nice well-fitting re-wearable formal dress with pockets.

Not only that, but they chose a nice color that (as far as you can tell in a photo) was flattering to all of them. Maybe things have gotten better, but back when my cohort was having their first marriages the poor bridesmaids were always having to wear weird and terrible colors, maybe to make the bride look good in comparison.
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The (bright red) dress I bought for my wedding turned out to have pockets. I did a little dance in the changing room, which completely baffled my mother until I explained my sudden joy.

As I cry at weddings, it was not unsurprising that I had to resort to the tissues stored in said pocket in the middle of my own.
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This is great, the photos are ace, and "pockets" is one of the greatest words in the english language.

pockets pockets pockets
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I'm pretty clueless. Can someone explain to me why women's clothes makers don't put more pockets in their clothes? Most women I know seem to want pockets. Doesn't our perfectly well-oiled capitalist machine recognize the profit potential in this untapped market?
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why women's clothes makers don't put more pockets in their clothes
A lot of women's clothing is fast fashion intended to be cheapish and up-to-the-minute. Pockets would cost a little more. Some women's clothing is more form-fitting and designers say pockets would ruin the line. There's not a lot of evidence that designers give a crap about functionality or comfort in women's clothing.

I have several skirts with no pockets because I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops and selection is limited. I have several small bags I wear as 'pockets' because keys, phone, etc.

Know what else really sucks? Shoes that literally cripple women's feet. The fashion industry often expresses not-so-well-hidden societal hated of women. Women should close their wallets.
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There’s a fantastic previous discussion about pockets not being in women’s wear. If I remember right, some of the supposed reasons are addressed.

Love these wedding photos!
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