Golden Gate Bridge sunsets
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Well. A trip to the Berkeley Marina is in my future I see.
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Now that is helpful information
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Wha?! This is so cool. I couldn't tell from the website - who put this together? How were the spots calculated? Was it original research?
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If you're curious about this kind of photographic/astronomical/solar planning, one known resource is The Photographer's Ephemeris. There's a web site and app. You can plot shots based on astronomical data and terrain and other line of sight and geo-vis stuff. Super useful for landscape and astro landscape photography and planning for sunset/sunrise or even moon related shots. They have an advanced version that shows lightfall on terrain.

If you have a favorite outdoor location you can set a pin and skip through the web/app to look for sun/moon alignments, or set line of sight guides from a photo location to a subject and feature and see how the sun and moon lines up over time.

What's really cool, weird and even demystifying about all of this tech and data is you have a known place not only on the surface of our planet but in rotational vectors, our local solar plane and structure and our place in the galaxy and sea of stars that surround us.

If you want to get super nerdy and know exactly when Venus, Mars, Pleiades or even the International Space Station is going to rise and in what part of the night sky it'll be in from a given point on the planet on a given reasonable date past or present including occlusion by given local terrain and mountains - that data is available and you can calculate it down to the second by cross-referencing data.

We're spinning on a predictably wobbly rock through space.
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Very cool.
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Very cool, and I like the old school web design aesthetic, nice and nerdy :)
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I can see my house from here!
posted by chavenet at 3:51 AM on February 3, 2019

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