1950: The Bomb in the Heart of the Century
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"I’m pleased to announce my latest music project, which is actually an old project: Mixcloud GO! 1950: The Bomb in the Heart of the Century. It’s a 2013 Spotify playlist of mine featuring 170 pieces of international audio culture from the year 1950 with no artist repeated, recreated on Mixcloud for your streaming delectation."

"It surveys not just the hit-parade pop of America, not just the rhythm & blues and country and gospel and folk lurching towards rock & roll, not just the jazz exploding in all directions in the light of bebop, not just classical and post-classical, not just Broadway, not just the pop and folk traditions of Mexico and India and Spain and Brazil and Italy and France and China and Germany and Cuba and Greece and and and. Well, let’s just say it tries to be as everything as possible.

This is being published in as a series of fifteen-song mixes, but ideally you’ll hear the whole thing in one piece. After the first two (1) (2), the remaining ten mixes will be posted one-per-day, with full discographical information for each posted on this Tumblr."

More on the project: Mindless Contextualizing for Weirdos Like You and Me

(I'm intentionally not including a link to the original Spotify playlist, since the author discusses how he disowned the playlist and how the Mixcloud project is intended as the new definitive way to listen.)
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due to licencing issues in your country, it might not be possible to seek backwards.
It takes a powerful mix to make me submit to this. Certainly I will not do 1 of 12 by a samplist. I mean...not on a monday.
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i mean, but the second track is an amazing blues song about the a-bomb. This is fantastic.
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“Jesus is God’s Atomic Bomb”

This is simultaneously chilling, bananas, and very great.
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Small note: Mixcloud's whole deal is that you can upload absolutely anything you want, but listeners have to listen in a stream without being able to rewind / seek backwards. It's done to make license owners happy, and is the only way the site wouldn't be sued out of existence. As a compromise it's not a bad one, and is much preferable to the site being shut down without warning one day. It's no small thing that DJs can make exactly the mixes they want without worrying about IP issues.
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