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A 6-minute timelapse of the development of the alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris from single-cell zygote to hatched larva, by Dutch photographer/filmmaker Jan van IJken (SLVimeo).
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This world is a magical world.
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Just had a lecture on embryonic development in neuroscience class yesterday...immediately posted this to class discussion forum. Gorgeous!
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Amazing. Uncanny.
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That was gorgeous and fascinating.
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This is stunning.
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I misread as "Alpaca" was like WTF there's no way that's an alpaca.

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I'd love a second version that has a length scale and time displayed. It'd be way less aesthetically pleasing but I'm curious if the apparent regularity of the cell division in the beginning is an artifact of editing or not.
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Amazing! So cool to see gastrulation (I think that's what it was?) and the synchronized cleavage at the beginning.

Around 2:42–2:47, what are the small mobile elements that look like they're squeezing between the other cells? They didn't seem to be red blood cells.
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I wondered about those motile cells, too.

I am so glad it didn't have a musical soundtrack. Fascinating.
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