She is gonna be something good in a few years, I tell you! Watch out ;)
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Hilde Lysiak is still at it, putting journalists 5 times her age to shame.

Her growing media empire includes a book series and an upcoming TV show. Previously.
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Kid's a chapter-book hero in real life. I'd have been insanely jealous and/or constantly trying to be her when I was a girl. (In fact, I was, but my models were pundits and not journalists, so I would draw up columns with a bunch of Opinions in them, and draw a little square picture of myself in the middle, just like in the paper.)

I have her on my FB feed, and I notice how much ordinary news she puts out -- abuse, assault, property crimes, and so forth. When she's older, she'll have that experience to go on. If they're hiring anyone in journalism by then, they'll hire her.
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Brava Hilde!
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So I watched that video on the About page, but I am not sure what I watched. Did that small girl chase down some men with guns to ask them if they offered drugs to an 11-yr old? (To which they answered, she reports, "F Off".)
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This girl gives me life.
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I'm gonna go complain to my mom about this and how dare she protect me and not let me do things like this as a child, which would have completely escalated her anxiety to 300%.
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I love that her name is Hilde -- could her parents possibly have named after Hildy Johnson, the tough-as-nails wisecracking ace reporter character from The Front Page / His Girl Friday?
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hell yeah. what an awesome kid.
(the apple made for tv drama.. uhm... i dunno.)
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