Tea dragons do not require play, they require entertainment
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The Tea Dragon Society is a short (46 page), cute webcomic created by Katie O'Neill. Set in a friendly world of high fantasy, it tells the story of how Greta, a young blacksmith's apprentice, joins a circle of friends dedicated to art of raising tea dragons.

Her Tumblr blog has plenty more information on the world of tea dragons. There are also downloadable coloring pages, and the most chill deckbuilding game ever.
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Hot older lady monster blacksmith woman, I'm in.
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this is so gentle and sweet! thanks!
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This is my jam!
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Just finished- that made my heart very very happy. Thank you for sharing this!
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YES, I love this!

My sister recommended it to me, because one of my nieces loved the book so much that she was inconsolably upset after reading it that she did not get to live in the world of the book.

Gentle queers + dragons + tea is absolutely everything I want.

I didn't know there was a game and I am buying it immediately.
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Oh, this is perfect and I love it! Thank you!
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This is really cute.

I was imagining a tea dragon as a small companion dragon that also kept a teapot or kettle warm and I still want one of those. It might also be the best backpacking buddy ever.
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I showed this to dialmformara, and she is loving it. She really wants a tea dragon now.
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My almost-six-year-old is a hardcore Tea Dragon Society fan. I got her the Chamomile plush from Oni Press for Christmas and she plays with it all the time - looks like it's out of stock right now but if they ever make more I highly recommend it. It is cuter in person.
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potrzebia, the chamomile dragon was my favorite! i love the design, the floppy ears are so cute. Reminded me of toriel from undertale
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I love this book, the game is fun, and there is a prequel coming out soon! Plus check out this Katie O'Neill drawing of my cat!
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We happened upon her Aquicorn book and loved it and the illustrations so much I looked up her other books at the library. My daughter and nieces loved all her books and the older niece was trying to draw her own inspired tea dragon creatures. So lovely!
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This is delightful!
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What a beautiful world.
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I bought my daughter the book (it was at the Scholastic book fair!) and am so thrilled to learn of more to download and share with her! This is very much her jam. Thank you for this post.
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This is so lovely.
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I heart this book so hard (note to self: buy two copies--one for me, one for 4 y/o niece) and am thrilled to learn that there is a lovely card game that goes with it. My partner and I prefer either cooperative games or very gently competitive games (like Herbaceous) and I was just saying that we could use another beautiful and peaceful game.
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I stumbled across the book at the library and love it, but the kindergartener only liked it and so far is not interested in trying the game. I'll try some gentle re-pushing this summer, I think. Haven't gotten to the Aquicorn book yet, which looks delish.
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The game is very gentle and cute, best played with low lighting and lots of tea lights.
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