Hot air balloons, griffins, and goldfish
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A fish chandelier in the collection of the Getty Museum. "The chandelier is a work of extreme novelty: it has 18 candles for illuminating a room after dark, and includes a glass bowl intended to hold water and small goldfish."
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Goldfish: nature's screensaver lava lamp.
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I'd very much like to see an artist's rendering of this in action, with the candle light glinting on the goldfish and casting water shadows into the room.
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[Below is a glass bowl fitted with] a plug intended for the removal of the water, which one places in the bowl with small goldfish whose continuous movement will give agreeable recreation to the eye.

*raises hand*

Are lobsters permitted?
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Small lobsters.
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Returned by the buyer when it was found to be full of body lice.
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Essentially, it's a fish powered disco ball? Disco Stu would be pleased.

a plug intended for the removal of the water

An improvement on Disco Stu's shoes.
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Metafilter: Small lobsters permitted.

All others get speeding tickets.
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I kept scrolling down saying, when are we getting to the picture WITH THE FISH?

I was disappointed.

I am disgruntled.
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Are lobsters permitted?

Small lobsters.

Sea Monkeys!
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Love the decor, but that cannot possibly have been a healthy environment for the poor fish.

I saw some restaurant on TV once that served drinks in these double glasses, and in the bottom half was a swimming goldfish. I was quite dismayed.
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