Tonight, I want to introduce my house
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A typhoon is in Japan, but PiroPito would still like to give you a tour of his house.
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  • The tatami mats are terribly damaged.
  • There is a long hallway.
  • There are a lot of dolls and photos of ancestors from WWII and presumably the ancestors ⚱️?
  • 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁
  • "This is not horror video."
  • It is a horror video.
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Yeah, I saw where this was heading, and left long before whatever other horrors were coming came...
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Sort of a lateral shift from my last studio in Brooklyn.
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No "doll rooms" allowed. In any house, anywhere.
Seriously, WTF?!
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The flashlight, ambient sound, decayed surfaces, and songlike repetition of the caption phrases all gave me a Silent Hill vibe way before things got gnarly.

Something that surprised me, though, is the making-of video. I expected, by the end of the walkthrough, to find out that it was all a really, really painstakingly crafted digital environment, and not the really, really painstakingly crafted physical environment that it really is.

Very impressive, and super creepy.
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No thanks, I don't like creepy paper.
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After some fast forwarding I realised I was expecting some lickers to drop down from the ceiling.

I should've finished reading the post first. :(
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Can someone who understands what is going on explain it to me, a person who watched all 12 minutes of this and has no comprehension at all of what he just watched?
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This is not horror video.

Mari Kondo begs to differ.
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but why
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SpoilersMakinG of My house walk-through. It's like a set designer's project. There's an old abandoned house nearby so they bring a bunch of stuff in and over the course of a few days / weeks (I forgot) they slowly turn it creepier and creepier. They make a walkthrough during the night as the work progresses so the original video is like being trapped in a never ending tour of a house that is more decayed and creepier every time you open a sliding door or turn a corner.

My best guess...
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(whoa what's that magic turn-down comment thing??)
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HTML details Tag
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I wonder if they left the house like that for the next poor urban explorers to find?
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