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Kākāpō (previously on MetaFilter) are having a record breeding season: more than 76 chicks have hatched from 49 out of the 50 breeding females. Since there are only 147 adult Kākāpō on the planet (so few that Wikipedia lists every one of them by name) this is a very big deal. And in breaking Kākāpō news, Solstice just laid another 3 eggs last night - her third nest this year!
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I've been following Dr Andrew Digby on Twitter and his tweets are a constant source of delight: this really is a record-breaking breeding season, and he's stayed true to his promise to tweet about every birth.

Scroll through his media tweets for more rare fat nocturnal flightless parrot goodness.

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How many of the new chicks have any resemblance to Stephen Fry? Inquiring minds want to know!
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I’ve been following Andrew Digby’s updates too, and it’s a continual delight.
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This is amazing and fascinating and I just spent an hour scrolling backwards through the breeding season on Twitter. At one point the species was down to EIGHTEEN birds, what a great story!
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Cmon fat New Zealand parrots...

We're all counting you...
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I LOVE that the wikipedia page has the full listing and lineage of each member.

The requisite Douglas Adams talk on the kakapo:
So, suddenly from there being a population of—we don’t know exactly of how many—probably not as many as a million, but hundreds of thousands of these birds, their population plunged at an incredible rate down into the low forties. Which is roughly where it is at the moment. And, so there are groups of people who dedicated their entire lives to try to save these animals, trying to conserve them. And one of the problems they’ve come across is that it’s all very well just to protect them—from predators—which is very very very hard to do. But the next problem they come across is the mating habits of the Kakapo. Because it turns out that the mating habits of the Kakapo are incredibly long drawn-out, fantastically complicated, and almost entirely ineffective. (Laughter.)
I'm glad it was more effective this year!
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Please tell me that these are related to the rare parrot that attempted to shag David Carwardine...
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*Mark* Carwardine, and I'm sorry, I just didn't go far enough down the 'previously on Mefi' list. They are! Yay for the fat, inappropriately horny parrots.

That said, I suspect a sexual attraction to the heads of photographers rather than plump and seductive female parrots might be at the root of the species' reproductive woes...
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This makes me so inexplicably happy!
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At this rate, we’ll be overrun by them in a few decades!

I welcome our macron-sporting overbirds.

Not to be confused with the Macron-supporting birds....
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Aw, the Kākāpō. So dumb they forget they can't fly, so sometimes they'll climb a tree, jump out, plummet to the ground, and waddle off wondering what happened. L'chaim, you absurd creatures.
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such chonk!
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Our county school system had over 1500 fifth graders read Sy Montgomery’s Kakapo Rescue as part of their annual Battle of the Books. This is a wonderful update especially given the recent news on New Zealand’s troubles on other human-populated islands.
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I love these ridiculous fluff balls. So glad they had a good season!
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Aww, this is so nice to see!
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I will accept every bit of good news this week. And with cute photos of the newborn chicks!
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Flightless birds are the best birds!
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I've been in an incredibly dour environmental literature class this semester. Just swimming in ideas about the end of our degredated world. But this really bolstered me. It doesn't have to all end!
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Douglas Adams would be proud.
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