Reds Of Future Past
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Reds Of Future Past [via mefi projects] On May Day, the American holiday that Americans forgot is our holiday, our own Whelk looks at artifacts of the first Red Scare, when the Espionage Act of WWI was used to suppress dissent.
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Rise up, comrades.
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Not completely forgotten. Today, in many parts of of North Carolina, schools are closed while teachers protest at the state capitol for better benefits, improved teacher/student ratios, and better pay (for all school workers, not only teachers). (Both links have autoplaying video, sorry.)
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Worth noting that Wikipedia separates May Day, a traditional European spring festival, from International Workers Day, which falls on the same day to commemorate a peaceful demonstration turned police brutality turned terrorist attack and riot in 1886.
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All we want is to do our jobs, and dignity.
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"do our jobs, and dignity"

Based on my working life, that sounds like two mutually exclusive concepts.
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Workers' Maypole
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Spider-Man was arrested at the May Day protest in Puerto Rico today.
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As part of the research for a museum exhibition, I got to see and handle the trial records for Eugene V. Debs. It was fascinating. I even held the jury verdict card in my hands. A crazy time.
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