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How to Draw a Stick Figure. Ok, that kinda got complicated at the end. No worries, let's draw some stick figure comics.
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I haven't gotten through the comics one yet, but the stick figure one was cool, so thanks! I have some pens around here somewhere...
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Sometimes Metafilter is so weird. I was literally just reading one of her tutorials this morning ("10 Basic Mistakes in Digital Painting and How to Fix Them"), and wondering what other tutorials she had that would be useful...and, pow!
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Boy, that escalated quickly... well a slow reveal actually, as more detail kept coming. Loved the end resulting stick figures.
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let's draw some stick figure comics.

Or better yet, let's watch some Stick Figure Theater!
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This really made me want to draw like nothing ever has before. I indeed have said the words: "I can't even draw a stick figure properly". Maybe in 15 minutes a day I'll be able to!
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Oh my goodness, Monika Zagrobelna! I found her a year ago and binge read a whole bunch of her tutorials, and then I wasn't able to find her again!

The how to draw animals series helped get me used to considering basic shapes, muscle anatomy, pose, etc, and really improved my animal drawings...

Her posts on lighting and color theory filled in a huge hole in my (absurdly subpar) art education.

I'm still very slowly self-educating and improving my art, but her articles were a huge boost at a time I needed it.
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